How did touchscreens start?


Touch-sensitive screens are often found at the POS. Sensitive to touch? Such a monitor is called a "touchscreen". Simply put, this means that you can use your fingers instead of a mouse to operate the computer or the software directly on the monitor. The finger then takes over the function of the cursor. For some time now, touchscreens have found their way into private life. They are very popular on smartphones and tablets. In laptop PCs, touch screens are increasingly being used to give users the option of drawing directly on the screen. For example, using a special pen.

What touchscreen technologies are there?

It all started with optical light barrier grids. This made it possible to turn curved tube screens into a touch-sensitive monitor. This was soon replaced by the so-called "Resistive Touch" technology. Resistivity is the English word for (electrical) resistance - and this is exactly how such a screen works. Touching a field triggers a resistance, which is measured by the technology at various points and the position can thus be calculated by the system. "Surface capacitive" touchscreens or "projected capacitive" screens use two levels with a conductive pattern in the form of an electrical field over the entire screen. The resistance between the planes or the corners is measured. In this way, 2 points of contact can also be carried out at the same time, for example to make enlargements, as is usual on a smartphone.

What should you watch out for at the POS?

When buying a touchscreen for your POS, make sure that your system can use a touchscreen as an input medium. In order to be up to date with the latest technology, attention should be paid to the projected capacitive technology. It is also important that the screen is not exposed to direct sunlight. For the position, the tiltability or the possibility of installation using a standardized VESA bracket must also be checked. Depending on the application, care must be taken to use the correct size.

A capacitive touchscreen can only be operated with a bare finger, as the body provides the resistance. Only a resistive touchscreen is suitable for contact with gloves.

What does Nexgen do?

At Nexgen, we focus on quality in all of our products. This is also the case with our touchscreens. We would be happy to advise you and accompany you during installation and programming.