What are some interesting UX case studies

Good web and UI / UX design case study examples (text and images)

Projects should tell a story

Your own portfolio is your figurehead when it comes to attracting new customers. It should therefore be set up as carefully as possible.

Many agencies or freelancers do not write much about their projects on their website, but mostly publish pictures. Design case studies are often about the visual, but many customers also want to see the solution to a specific problem and, above all, know how you can help them achieve their goals. And that's exactly what I've set out to do with my projects. There are so many thoughts behind different layouts that most people don't even notice at first glance.

What is important in a case study?

Since this post has been accessed very often over the past few years, I have decided to go into the topic again and to write instructions on how to create a design case study in order to attract new customers through your portfolio. Instructions: Build a design case study step by step

Homepage, brand design and website case study examples

They come from different areas: a lot on the web and UI / UX design, but also from the marketing industry. I don't comment on every case study because it's best for you to get an idea of ​​the structure and design process for yourself.

zumtobel.us Web Design Case Study

By Anton & Irene, a small design agency in Brooklyn

UBER rebrand 2018

Completely new appearance summarized in a really good case study

Amazon Prime Music App UI / UX Case Study

By Simon Pan, UX Designer

The case study is a bit older, but Simon goes into great detail and highlights the points that are relevant from the point of view of a UX designer. The more up-to-date case study from UBER is also very extensive. You can also find it on his website.

Clear Motion Case Study

From Ueno, digital agency

Google AMP UX design and development

From Metalab

In terms of structure and scope, I think this example shows very well how a case study for your design portfolio should at least be structured.

In German: landing page case study

From Jonas Arleth

This case study gives a good insight into the background of a well-documented podcast landing page. It also includes step-by-step instructions for the perfect one-pager.

Tinycards by Duolingo Brand (App) Design Case Study

By Jack Morgan, Brand Designer

Redesign of Ugmonk

By Jeff Sheldon, designer and founder of Ugmonk

Admittedly, this is basically not about a web project, but more about the CI, but still very well structured and described.


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Fashio Brand Online Shop Design Case Study

From BASIC, design agency

The World of Mitsubishi Electric

A German case study of an elaborate brand exhibition by Elastique

Not exactly a web project, but still beautiful and exciting!

HP Mag

Web design magazine Art Direction by Ruslan Siiz

Unfortunately little text but good structure.

Casper home page

Web design case study by freelancer Jonnie Hallman

A short case study with good content on the homepage of the well-known mattress startup Casper.

Ecommerce website redesign

Iris von Arnim Brand Case Study from the Appico design agency

Yellow Zebra Safaris Website Design

Concept, design and development by the digital agency Sequence

Homepage case study for HubSpot

By Austin Knight, Senior User Experience Designer

Soundcloud app

By Michael Nino Evensen, designer

Goes very in-depth and probably too long for a classic case study in your portfolio, but as a designer you can get a lot of insights.

Chrome browser desktop redesign

By Sebastien Gabriel, designer at Google

This article will take you time. But it's worth it! I have never read such a detailed case study before. Hats off for the text and content!