Crucify Saudi Arabia people

Arrested at 13: Saudi Arabia wants to behead and crucify this teenager

At the age of ten, Murtaja Qureiris took part in a bicycle demonstration by around 30 children in Saudi Arabia, shouting into a megaphone: “People want human rights.” He became involved afterwards, was arrested at the age of 13 and has been in custody ever since. He is now 18.

Now this teenager is said to be the next victim of the blood regime of horror Sheikh Mohammed Bin Salman (33).

Right now he's being tried. The prosecution says he is a member of a terrorist group.

According to the US broadcaster, Murtaja is supposed to do this CNN will now be executed - and in the most brutal way possible: the public prosecutor's office demands that he be crucified after his head has been cut off with a sword.

The reason for the particularly cruel punishment: "incitement to riot". In Saudi Arabia, it says the display of the mutilated body after the execution.

According to CNN, Murtaya has been in solitary confinement for at least 15 months. The charges against him are based on a confession allegedly extracted from him under torture.

Among other things, he is said to have admitted that he shot security officers during protests. Once he helped his brother build a Molotov cocktail.

Saudi Arabia regularly accuses participants of demonstrations of violence. Activists, however, describe the protests during the Arab Spring 2011 as peaceful. Brutal violence had come from the police.

In 2016, a UN working group allegedly dealt with Murtaja's case. The fate of a child who has the same date of birth as him and on the same day and place as he was arrested was discussed. The working group noted, according to CNN, that this child was arrested and then tortured in connection with "participating in peaceful demonstrations".

Video recordings published by CNN also do not show any violence on the part of the demonstrators. You can see Murtaja in flip-flops on his bike, on another occasion smiling next to his father, who is giving a speech.

Murtaja's family is also being persecuted, according to the report. One brother was killed in a demonstration in 2011. Another brother is in custody like his father.

▶ ︎ Dozens of people have been beheaded in Saudi Arabia this year alone. 37 in just one day in April. There were also many among them who had previously been tortured according to human rights organizations.

When his alleged confession was read out in court, for example Munir al-Adam, who was beaten so badly in custody that he lost hearing in one ear, shouted: “These are not my words. This is a defamation that the officer who interrogated me wrote himself. "

Nevertheless, he was sentenced to death and executed. Munir was also arrested as a minor.