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Translation of "You mind picking" in German

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Jean, do you mind picking up that footage?
Jean, go You there and do you film?
Amanda, would you mind picking up a few things for me?
Amanda, would you get some things for me?
Would you mind picking that up?

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I really think this is all in your at least. you're picking up some psychic signals.
You are so sensitive and can definitely give psychological signals receive.
"Mind you, keep picking up strays along the way. "
I. mind picking up the check for your friends, - but not if they insult me ​​first.
I loading like to invite your friends to dinner, but not if they insult me ​​beforehand.
Mind picking up Savannah, then?
To fetch You drop Savannah from school?
I actually wouldn't mind picking your brain for some more advice.
I would gladly... search your brain for more advice.
Never mind picking the lock, you can just call and ask for the keys.
Man can just call and ask for the keys.
Today it would be hard even to count the talking heads on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, never mind picking them out of a police lineup.
Today it would be harder to even get the talking heads on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, never Sensory gathering to count them out of a police line-up.
So whoever can understand Norwegian more or less and either is good at skipping some words while reading or doesn't mind picking up the dictionary once in a while, won't have any trouble reading the book.
So if you understand Norwegian to some extent and can either "read about" it well or nothing on the other hand has to pick up a dictionary every now and then, will have no problems.
Nina said as long as I was escaping, would I mind picking up something for dinner?
Nina asked when I was fleeing if I could get something to eat could get.
Well, now, I wouldn't mind picking up $ 7,000, would you?
I have nothing against $7999, You about?
Spiritual teachers undertake the task of training their disciples minds, picking up from where their parents left off and taking them to yet even higher levels.
Spiritual teachers undertake the task of ghost to train their students from there continuingwhere their parents left off to take them to even higher levels.
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