Why did Trump win the election

The election of the 46th US President - the most important things in brief:

  • Joe Biden is the election winner and becomes the 46th US President, while Kamala Harris becomes Vice President, the first woman in US history
  • Trump clears the way for Biden - and continues to speak of electoral fraud
  • Biden introduces the first members of the government
  • Biden injured his foot while playing with his dog

Friday, 6.23 a.m.: Biden wants to appoint indigenous people as minister for the first time

According to media reports, the elected US President Joe Biden wants to appoint a native American woman as a cabinet minister for the first time in US history. Biden wants to nominate Congressman Deb Haaland (60) from the state of New Mexico as Secretary of the Interior, reported the Washington Post, the New York Times and CNN on Thursday. Should Haaland - who belongs to the Pueblo of Laguna tribe - be confirmed by the Senate, the US would have a native American as minister for the first time.

In the United States, the Department of the Interior is primarily responsible for the administration of the federally owned land. The ministry decides, for example, whether nature reserves are designated or whether energy generation such as fracking is permitted. The area of ​​responsibility also includes matters relating to the around 1.9 million indigenous people. Internal security - which in Europe is the responsibility of the Home Office - is the responsibility of the Home Security Department in the USA.

The Washington Post wrote of Biden's historic decision "which marked a turning point in the US government's relationship with the nation's indigenous peoples." Haaland was among the first two women to be indigenous to the U.S. Congress in 2018. There she sits on the Natural Resources Committee, which oversees the Ministry of the Interior. Democrat Biden has promised to set up a cabinet with ministers from diverse backgrounds.

The 2020 US election - that's how we've reported so far

8.58 a.m.: Trump criticizes top Republican McConnell for congratulating Biden

The incumbent US President Donald Trump has criticized the decision of the leading Republican in the US Senate to publicly recognize the election victory of the Democrat Joe Biden. It was too early to give up, Trump tweeted on Wednesday night to the address of the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell. The Republican Party must finally learn to fight. "People are angry!" He added. McConnell, who is considered a close confidante of Trump, had congratulated Biden on winning the presidential election after weeks of reluctance in the Senate. "The electoral council has spoken. So today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden," he said.

Wednesday 5.25 a.m.: Biden wants shooting star Pete Buttigieg as Minister of Transport

Future US President Joe Biden wants to bring party newcomer Pete Buttigieg, a former Democratic competitor in the presidential race, into his cabinet. Biden plans to make 38-year-old Buttigieg Minister of Transport, reported several US media, including the Washington Post and CNN, on Tuesday, citing Biden's environment. Biden's designated chief of staff, Ronald Klain, indirectly confirmed the personnel in a tweet. Klain shared a tweet from a CNN journalist that Buttigieg - if confirmed for office - would be the first openly gay federal minister in the United States. Klain wrote that Biden's cabinet had overcome previous barriers and contained another first after a woman had previously been chosen to head the Treasury and an African American as the future Pentagon boss.

Buttigieg caused a sensation in the presidential race primaries for the Democrats. The Democrat, who months before had been largely unknown at the national level, worked his way up to the top of the internal party applicants in surveys and gained enormously in profile and notoriety in the course of his election campaign. After retiring from the race, he supported Biden's candidacy.

6:20 p.m.: Biden's inauguration planned without a mass audience

In view of the corona pandemic, the inauguration of the future US President Joe Biden on January 20 is to take place without the usual mass audience at the handover. The committee responsible for the swearing-in of the president called on the population on Tuesday to refrain from traveling and instead follow the inauguration from home. An event is planned that does justice to the traditions, but at the same time ensures that the population is protected and that the corona virus does not spread any further.

Biden and the future US Vice President Kamala Harris should be sworn in as usual at a ceremony at the Capitol, the seat of the US Congress in the capital Washington, it said. Biden will also give his inaugural speech there. The event will be very limited, however, and the usual parade after the swearing-in will be "re-imagined". More details would be announced in the next few days and weeks.

4.30 p.m.: Republican leader McConnell congratulates Biden on winning the election

Six weeks after the US presidential election, the influential US Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, recognized Democrat Joe Biden as the winner. "The electoral council has spoken. So today I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden," said McConnell in the US Senate on Tuesday. McConnell is considered a close confidante of incumbent President Donald Trump.

McConnell's recognition of Biden's election victory is particularly significant because his party colleague Trump still refuses to publicly acknowledge the outcome of the election and his defeat. So far, only a few Republicans in the US Congress had publicly congratulated Biden on his victory.

10:08 a.m.: Poland's President also congratulates Biden on the victory

Poland's head of state Andrzej Duda has congratulated future US President Joe Biden on winning the election. Almost six weeks after the election, Duda sent a congratulatory telegram on Tuesday to wish Biden a "profitable term". The Polish-American relationship has become an increasingly important pillar for transatlantic and European security.

The electorate in the US confirmed Biden's victory over incumbent Donald Trump on Monday evening. After Biden was declared the winner by television stations on November 7, Duda had only congratulated the Democrat on a "successful election campaign" - but not on his victory. Poland's national-conservative PiS government and the president from among its ranks have never made a secret of their admiration for Trump.

9.31 a.m.: Putin congratulates Biden on his election victory

As one of the last heads of state, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated future US President Joe Biden on his election victory. Just six weeks after the election, the Kremlin chief wished Biden success in a congratulatory telegram on Tuesday. Regardless of their differences, Russia and the US could jointly contribute to solving many questions and challenges in the world, Putin wrote, according to the Kremlin. Moscow and Washington have a special responsibility for security and stability in the world.

The two largest nuclear powers are currently struggling to extend their last nuclear disarmament agreement "New Start", which ends in February. Relationships are strained in many areas. Putin's congratulations came shortly after electoral officials in the states confirmed Biden's victory over incumbent Donald Trump. Many other heads of state and government had already contacted the elected president in November.

According to earlier information from the Kremlin, Putin wanted to wait for the official election result. Moscow had always emphasized that congratulations on the election victory could not be based on media that declared Biden the winner. In Russia there was great hope that Trump would be re-elected. Traditionally, relationships with Republican US presidents are considered better than with a Democrat. There are fears in Russia under Biden even more sanctions and a much sharper criticism of human rights violations.

Putin has now been quoted as saying: "From my side, I am ready to cooperate and to contact you." The relationships are heavily strained due to several sanctions, among other things. Above all, Moscow wants to push through the prefabricated construction of the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 from Russia to Germany against the resistance of Washington. The almost completed billion dollar project was stopped a year ago because of the US sanctions. This month, a section is to be further built. However, new US sanctions are already looming.

6.34 a.m.: US Attorney General Barr submits resignation to Trump

In the midst of the dispute over the US election result, Attorney General William Barr submitted his resignation to incumbent President Donald Trump. A resignation letter published by Trump on Twitter on Monday evening said that Barr would leave office on December 23. Trump wrote on Twitter that Barr had done an "excellent job". His deputy Jeff Rosen will take over the office in a managerial capacity.

Trump had expressed sharp criticism of Barr last Saturday. The Wall Street Journal had previously reported that the attorney general had been aware of an investigation into the son of US President-elect Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, since the spring. Barr wanted to keep the investigation out of the election campaign, the newspaper said. "A big disappointment!" Wrote Trump. "Why didn't Bill Barr reveal the truth about Hunter Biden to the public before the election?"

The Republican Trump still does not recognize the election victory of the Democrat Biden and presents himself as a victim of massive election fraud. He and his lawyers have not presented any reliable evidence for this. Barr also said that he knew of no evidence of massive election fraud. Trump continues his efforts to overturn the outcome with legal action despite dozens of setbacks in courts in various states and the Supreme Court in Washington.

5.30 a.m.: Biden calls on Trump to recognize electoral defeat

The future US President Joe Biden has called on the elected incumbent Donald Trump to acknowledge his electoral defeat. Democrat Biden pointed out in Wilmington, Delaware, that the electorate in the states gave him 306 of the 538 votes in their votes on Monday. That corresponds exactly to the same majority that Trump described as a "landslide victory" four years ago. "Those numbers represented a clear win back then and I respectfully suggest that they do so now," said Biden.

"In this battle for the soul of America, democracy won," said Biden. "The flame of democracy was kindled in this nation a long time ago. And we now know that nothing - not even a pandemic or abuse of power - can extinguish that flame."

Monday, 5:02 a.m.: Electors confirm Biden's election victory

The votes of the electorate in almost all US states and the capital borough of Washington have confirmed the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden over incumbent Donald Trump in the presidential election. The vote in California raised Biden above the threshold of the necessary 270 votes on Monday. The president is elected indirectly in the United States. The total of 538 voters vote on behalf of the people. In the vast majority of states, the election winner gets all the votes of the local electorate.

In the voting on Monday there were initially no deviants, all electors voted according to the results. The vote in Hawaii was still pending, and that 78-year-old Biden has won the election has been clear since November 7th, when leading US media - as usual in the United States - proclaimed him the winner. Based on the certified results of the states, it was expected that Biden would get a total of 306 votes at the end of the electoral vote and that incumbent Trump would receive 232 votes.

The final overall results of the presidential election will be officially announced on January 6th in Congress in Washington. Biden is due to be sworn in on January 20th in Washington. On that day, Trump's term of office ends automatically, even if he does not admit defeat.

The voting of the electorate is a formality in normal election years, because the losing candidate usually admits his defeat on election night. But Trump still claims that he actually won the election and sees himself being deprived of his victory by massive fraud. Many Republicans - including leading party colleagues in the US Congress - have not yet publicly recognized Biden as the election winner.

With a wave of lawsuits, Trump and his allies have tried to tip the election result in favor of the incumbent. Neither he nor his lawyers or supporters have provided evidence to support their far-reaching allegations. More than 50 lawsuits have already failed. On Friday, the Washington Supreme Court also dismissed a lawsuit aimed at overturning Biden's victory in four states. Trump had announced at the weekend that he did not want to give up the legal battle against his defeat yet.

Sunday, 10:50 a.m.: Trump insults the Supreme Court

In the fight against his electoral defeat, US President Donald Trump has sharply criticized the US Supreme Court after his setback in the Supreme Court. "This is a major and scandalous miscarriage of justice. The people of the United States have been betrayed and our country has been embarrassed," wrote Trump on Twitter. The president told Fox News on Saturday (local time) that he was "so disappointed" by the US Supreme Court.

The incumbent president again claimed on Twitter that he did not lose the election but won with a "landslide victory". There is no basis for this. President-elect Joe Biden - a Democrat - is due to be sworn in on January 20th. Trump sees himself robbed of his victory by electoral fraud. However, neither he nor his lawyers have provided convincing evidence.

The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a Texas state lawsuit against the presidential election result. Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton wanted to overturn Biden's victory in the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Supreme Court said Texas has failed to explain why the state should have a legitimate interest in how other states hold their elections.

Thursday, 6:01 a.m.: Trump does not let go of the lost election even at the "vaccine summit"

US President Donald Trump also used a "vaccine summit" in the White House to further spread his claims of massive election fraud. The trigger was the question of why the transition team of President-elect Joe Biden was not invited to the meeting on the corona vaccination program on Tuesday. "Hopefully the next administration will be a Trump administration. Because you cannot steal hundreds of thousands of votes," Trump repeated his still unsubstantiated allegations, which had already been dismissed in more than four dozen cases in court.

At the meeting, Trump praised his administration's efforts to accelerate the development of vaccines against Covid-19. "By spring we will be in a position that no one would have thought possible a few months ago," said the president. He signed a largely symbolic decree stating that corona vaccines from US stocks would not be made available to other countries until Americans' needs were met.

Wednesday, 5:01 a.m .:Trump camp loses before Supreme Court

Donald Trump's camp suffered another defeat in the legal battle against the lost presidential election - this time in the US Supreme Court. The Supreme Court in Washington on Tuesday evening (local time) rejected an application for an injunction with which Republican Trump and his supporters wanted to overturn the victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the US state of Pennsylvania. In the brief decision, the court did not comment on the reasons. There were also no dissenting votes from the nine judges.

Trump has been claiming since the November 3rd election that massive fraud stole his victory. So far, neither he nor his lawyers have been able to provide convincing evidence. Since then, lawsuits in various states have been dismissed in more than three dozen cases. Attorney General William Barr also said last week that he had no evidence of fraud to the extent that it would alter the outcome.

Pennsylvania had already certified the election result on November 23rd. The applicants wanted to have the certification revoked. State lawyers had warned the Supreme Court of such a "dramatic" move. They argued, "No court has ever issued an order invalidating the governor's confirmation of the results of a presidential election."

Tuesday, 6:10 a.m.: Biden wants to make ex-general Pentagon boss

The future US President Joe Biden wants to appoint a black to the US Secretary of Defense for the first time, according to media reports with ex-General Lloyd Austin. The news site Politico and the broadcaster CNN reported on Monday evening local time. Austin (67) was most recently Commander of the US Forces in the Middle East (Centcom) from 2013 until his retirement in 2016 and is therefore familiar with the current trouble spots. Centcom is responsible for the US operations in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, among others. At the beginning of his more than 40-year career in the US military, Austin was initially deployed in Germany, according to Centcom.

Monday, 7.20 a.m.: Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani tested positive for Corona

US President Donald Trump's campaign against the election results threatens to slip away completely: his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani tested positive for the corona virus. Trump's longtime confidante is leading the legal efforts to tip the result of the presidential election in favor of the loser Trump - so far without any significant success. It is the latest of a large number of corona cases in the immediate vicinity of Trump, who himself contracted Covid-19 at the beginning of October.

The 76-year-old himself tweeted on Sunday evening: "I am being looked after very well and I feel good." He is recovering very quickly. Giuliani thanked him for the well-being wishes he had received.

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6.30 a.m.: US attorney general considering resignation before Trump's end of office

US Attorney General William Barr is considering resigning before Donald Trump's term ends in January, according to concurring media reports. Barr could announce his withdrawal before the end of the year, reported the "New York Times" on Sunday (local time) on three unnamed persons. The news broadcaster CNN confirmed with its own source that Barr's resignation considerations existed.
Barr is considered a close ally of Trump. Trump had publicly shown disappointment in his minister last week. The reason for this was his statements in an interview in which he had commented on the election result, which Trump had questioned. Barr said he had not seen any evidence of fraud to the extent that could have resulted in a different election result.

Monday, 5.40 a.m.: Biden has candidates for the office of health minister

According to a media report, the elected US President Joe Biden has chosen a candidate for the office of Minister of Health, which is particularly important in the corona pandemic. He wants to nominate the current California attorney general and attorney general Xavier Becerra, reported the "New York Times" on Sunday (local time). Becerra was the first Latino to be sworn in as California Attorney General in 2017. Previously, he was a member of the US House of Representatives for 24 years. The 62-year-old was also traded as a potential candidate for the US Department of Justice. Biden had promised to form the most diverse cabinet of all time.

Thursday 5.20 a.m.: Trump renews unsubstantiated fraud allegations

The incumbent US President Donald Trump has renewed his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud in a 46-minute video from the White House. Trump made it clear in a series of allegations against his political opponents on Wednesday evening (local time) that he does not want to accept his defeat against Democrat Joe Biden - and that he continues to see himself as the winner of the election. "The Democrats had rigged this election from the start," said Trump. US Attorney General William Barr said Tuesday that there was no evidence of fraud to the extent that it would change the outcome of the election.

Trump advertised his video at the beginning with these words: "This is perhaps the most important speech I have ever given." His unproven allegations were already known. He accused the Democrats of having laid the foundation for "systematic and widespread" electoral fraud by expanding postal voting. Trump himself has not presented any evidence of large-scale electoral fraud. The responsible US authorities had spoken of the safest choice in US history. Trump announced on Wednesday evening that he would continue to take legal action against the election result. "What a disaster this election was," he said. "Total disaster. But we will point it out. And hopefully the courts will see, especially the United States Supreme Court." The judges must do the right thing, he demanded "respectfully". "Because our country cannot live with such a choice."

4:05 p.m.: US Attorney General contradicts Trump

US Attorney General William Barr has openly opposed attempts by Donald Trump to overturn the results of the presidential election with allegations of fraud. "To date, we have not seen any fraud on the scale that could have led to a different election result," Barr told the AP news agency. Barr had always shown himself to be extremely loyal to Trump. The incumbent president repeatedly urged him to investigate alleged electoral fraud in favor of victorious challenger Joe Biden.

As Trump continues to refuse to admit defeat, pressure on the White House is mounting on several fronts. On Wednesday night, for example, it became known that the Ministry of Justice was investigating a suspicion of bribery in connection with a pardon by the president. However, names and important details were blackened out in the published court documents.

At the same time, scientists are trying with a lawsuit to prevent the possible destruction of e-mails, WhatsApp messages and other correspondence in the last few weeks of Trump's term in the White House. Biden is due to be sworn in as president on January 20, until then Trump is in the White House.

6.27 a.m.: Ex-campaign manager: Trump has lost due to a lack of empathy

In the opinion of his former election campaign manager, the incumbent US President Donald Trump could have won with a "landslide victory" against Joe Biden if he had shown empathy in the corona pandemic. "I think people were scared," said Brad Parscale on Tuesday (local time) in an interview with Fox News. It was a mistake to press for the economy to reopen while people were afraid.

Parscale suggested that many potential voters wanted to see a sensitive president, which he also told Trump. "He chose a different route." Trump has often downplayed the danger of the coronavirus and, contrary to the advice of health experts, held meetings with a large number of people both in the White House and during the election campaign. He also did this after he fell ill with Covid-19 in early October and was treated in hospital for it. Parscale led Trump's ultimately failed re-election efforts until mid-July and was replaced by Bill Stepien.

Wednesday, 5.44 a.m.: Lawsuit against Trump to prevent the destruction of correspondence

With a lawsuit against the incumbent US President Donald Trump, scientists want to prevent the destruction of e-mails, WhatsApp messages and other correspondence from his presidency. The lawsuit filed in a Washington court on Tuesday alleged the incumbent and the White House violating a Presidential Records Act. The planned or completed destruction of files without formal notification to the United States archivist or Congress is illegal, it says.

"Presidential documents are always in jeopardy because the law that is supposed to protect them is so weak and relies on goodwill, which is currently lacking," said Tom Blanton, director of the National Security Archive research facility, which is one of the plaintiffs . It also released a letter to White House legal advisor Pat Cipollone in mid-November urging government headquarters to reassure them about compliance with the law. This did not happen, said Blanton.

8:08 a.m .: Trump's controversial corona advisor resigns

The controversial corona advisor to incumbent US President Donald Trump, radiologist Scott Atlas, has submitted his resignation. In a letter to Trump that Atlas posted on Twitter Monday night (local time), he wrote, "I've worked hard and focused on one thing - saving lives and helping Americans get through this pandemic."

The radiologist had worked for the US government since August. According to consistent media reports, his contract would have expired after 130 days this week anyway. He is now using his declaration of resignation to defend himself against criticism. He always relied on the latest scientific findings and did so “without any political consideration or influence”.

Atlas has spoken out against strict containment measures and questions the usefulness of masks. In doing so, he drew criticism in particular from another member of the Corona working group in the White House: The prominent immunologist Anthony Fauci has publicly disagreed with Atlas' points of view.

In mid-November, after the tightening of corona requirements in states like Michigan, Atlas wrote on Twitter: "It only ends when people get up." The tweet was also explosive because a group of suspects had been arrested just a few weeks earlier Michigans Governor Gretchen Whitmer wanted to kidnap and possibly kill, according to investigators because of previous Corona measures. Atlas later wrote that he did not want to incite violence.

6.40 a.m.: Biden nominates ex-Fed boss Yellen as US Treasury Secretary

Former Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen is said to be the first woman to take over the leadership of the US Treasury. President-elect Joe Biden nominated the 74-year-old for the post, as he announced on Monday. A team is being built around Yellen that should quickly ensure economic improvement in the Corona crisis, emphasized Biden.

Yellen headed the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018. When her term of office expired, President Donald Trump did not nominate her again, but instead chose Jerome Powell, who currently heads the central bank.

Biden is facing the great challenge of getting the US economy through the corona crisis, which is just escalating again, after taking office in January next year. Yellen is considered a supporter of the theories of the economist John Maynard Keynes, according to which governments play an important role in overcoming economic crises. As a minister, she would have to be confirmed by the US Senate.

5.30 a.m.: Arizona and Wisconsin also confirm Biden's victory

Arizona and Wisconsin, the more contested US states, have officially confirmed the result of the presidential election with the victory of Joe Biden. Incumbent Donald Trump suffered another setback in his attempts to overturn the outcome of the November 3rd election with legal attacks. Biden won in Arizona by almost 10,500 votes, in Wisconsin it was around 20,700 votes after a recount. Trump's lawyers failed in court with lawsuits against the election results.

Trump continues to claim without evidence that he only lost the election because of massive election fraud. Previously, important states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania had already confirmed the result of the election with Biden's victory. In Iowa, however, Trump was officially declared the winner on Monday, as expected.

The confirmation of the Arizona election results also has the side effect of shrinking the majority of Trump's Republicans in the Senate from 53 to 52 votes. Democrat Mark Kelly, who defeated Republican Senator Marthy McSally, is due to be sworn in this week because it was a special vote. The remaining newly elected senators will not be sworn in until early 2021. Whether Democrats or Republicans will have a majority in the Senate will not be decided until two runoff elections in Georgia on January 5th.

Among other things, the Senate votes on candidates for central government posts. This could limit Biden's freedom of action as president if the Republicans retain control of the Congress Chamber.

The 2020 US election - this happened on Monday:

7.28 a.m.: Trumps gives the first TV interview since the election

In his first television interview since the US election, incumbent President Donald Trump reiterated his unsubstantiated claims about alleged electoral fraud. The November 3rd vote was "a complete fraud," said Trump on Sunday in a telephone interview with Fox News. In the almost hour-long conversation, Trump renewed his claims that many dead people had voted and that the increase in postal votes resulted in “massive fraud”.

Trump has so far provided no reliable evidence of the alleged electoral fraud he has been talking about for weeks. US courts have already thrown down numerous lawsuits aimed at challenging the election result and his Republican allies. It was only on Friday that a federal judge who had once been nominated by Trump had dismissed an important lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania as unfounded. US authorities and state election officers have rated the vote as safe and successful - there are no known cases of major fraud.

6.40 a.m .: Biden relies entirely on female power for his communication team

President-elect Joe Biden relies on a team of experienced women for White House communications. "Communicating directly and truthfully with the people of America is one of the most important jobs a president should do," said Biden on Sunday evening (local time). The prominent role of the government spokeswoman goes to Jen Psaki.

Psaki had been White House communications director and State Department spokesperson under former Democratic President Barack Obama. Since the election, Psaki had led several briefings with journalists for Biden. In doing so, she appeared clear and professional. Your deputy in the White House is to be Karine Jean-Pierre, who last worked for the elected Vice President Kamala Harris, as Biden explained.

"I am proud to announce today the first high-level communications team in the White House to feature women only," said Biden. The "qualified and experienced" candidates bring different approaches and a common will to bring the country forward, said Biden. Harris said, "These communications professionals represent our promise to create a White House that reflects the best of our country."

Biden's current deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield, is slated to become the White House's communications director. This gives it a less public role, but one that is important for defining the government's overall communications strategy. Pili Tobar, in turn, is to become Bedingfields' deputy. An advisor to Biden's campaign team, Symone Sanders, is to become the vice president's spokeswoman; Ashley Etienne is scheduled to work for Harris as a communications director.

5.22 a.m.: Biden injured while playing with a dog

US President-elect Joe Biden sprained his right ankle while playing with his German Shepherd and sustained small stress fractures in his foot. It can therefore be assumed that Biden will have to wear a boot-like orthopedic support shoe "for several weeks," said doctor Kevin O'Connor in a statement made by Biden's office. It thus seemed possible that Biden would have to wear the support shoe during his planned inauguration ceremony on January 20th.

A representative from Biden's office said the president-elect had the injury investigated on Sunday so that his scheduled appointments for Monday would not be affected.

According to his office, the 78-year-old was injured on Saturday while playing with his German shepherd "Major". Biden had adopted the dog from an animal shelter in 2018, according to US media reports.

The incumbent President Donald Trump, who usually only has ridicule and snappy comments for the Democrat, sent Biden wishes for a recovery. "You will soon get well," he wrote on Twitter as a comment on an NBC video that appeared to show Biden limping out of the orthopedic practice.

US election: That happened on Friday

8.46 p.m.: Another defeat in court for Trump in the fight against the election result

In challenging the election results, incumbent US President Donald Trump suffered another defeat. A federal appeals court in the state of Pennsylvania dismissed Trump's lawsuit on Friday as baseless. "Calling an election unfair does not make the election unfair. Complaints require specific allegations and then evidence. Here we have neither," wrote Judge Stephanos Bibas."Free and fair elections are the lifeblood of our democracy," wrote the judge, who was nominated by Trump for his position in Philadelphia at the end of 2017. A Trump attorney, Jenna Ellis, complained on Twitter that the "activist machinery of the Pennsylvania judiciary is continuing to cover up massive fraud allegations." Now you want to call the Supreme Court in Washington, she continued.

Trump speaks of "massive electoral fraud", but has so far provided no reliable evidence. Courts have thrown numerous lawsuits from Trump and his Republican allies, including in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada. Even with an appeal to the Supreme Court, in which six of the nine judges are considered conservative, Trump is unlikely to have any success in view of the facts. The latest lawsuit in Pennsylvania sought to have millions of postal votes invalidated with allegations of fraud.

7.44 p.m.: Trump does not win any votes in the recount in Wisconsin

In the partial recounting of votes in the state of Wisconsin requested and paid for by Donald Trump, the incumbent US president did not gain any votes. After the recount in the districts of Milwaukee and Dane, however, the Democrat Joe Biden gained 87 votes, as the local newspaper "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel" reported on Sunday. In Milwaukee, Biden won 132 votes, in Dane the Republican Trump secured 45 votes. The electoral authority published an overview of all deviations in individual polling stations on its website.

Biden won the election in the northern state with around three million votes cast by a good 20,000 votes. Trump's election campaign team paid three million dollars in advance for the partial recount, as the election commission had declared. The recount should be completed by Tuesday. In 2016, Trump had just won the state.

Wisconsin has the votes of ten electors in the presidential election. According to the results so far, Biden leads nationwide with 306 to 232 votes. He needs at least 270 votes to win. The electoral college, which ultimately determines the president, will vote on December 14th.

A second vote recount is ongoing in the southern state of Georgia. If, as expected, the results of the first recount should be confirmed, the 16 electorate of the state also went to Biden as forecast.

8.59 a.m.: Merz is looking forward to meeting Biden's team

The candidate for the CDU chairmanship and former chairman of the Atlantik-Brücke, Friedrich Merz, reacted with relief to the change in the White House. "Almost everyone in the western world feels relieved that there is a change in the White House. We should still have no illusions. Joe Biden's presidency will be difficult, especially if the Republicans retain a majority in the Senate. He should also got significant disputes with his own party, which has moved very far to the left in recent years, "said Merz of the Düsseldorf" Rheinische Post ". He has also already received the first invitations from Biden's transition team. "I have known the new foreign minister and the new finance minister very well for many years. But visits will of course only be possible from spring," said Merz.

Friday, 5.29 a.m.: Trump wants to evacuate the White House - "if Biden is elected"

Republican incumbent Donald Trump will, in his own words, vacate the White House if the electoral college votes for Democrat Joe Biden as the next US president. Nevertheless, in view of the "massive election fraud", he would consider it a "mistake" to vote for Biden, stressed Trump on Thursday evening (local time) in the White House. The Republican has so far provided no evidence of the alleged electoral fraud. He refuses to acknowledge Biden's victory. "That was a rigged election. 100 percent," said Trump.

It would be "very hard" to admit defeat, said Trump after a video link with US soldiers abroad on the occasion of the Thanksgiving holiday. It was the first time since the November 3rd election that he had asked questions from reporters. Trump said he doesn't think it's right that Biden is already putting together a cabinet. Regarding his allegations of alleged electoral fraud, he said the US electoral infrastructure was like a "third world country". The dead also voted, he claimed. More on Trump's remarks

The 2020 US election: This happened on Thursday:

12:02 p.m.: Democrats outraged about Flynn's pardon by Trump

The Russia affair has deepened the rifts between Republicans and Democrats in the United States. Now President Donald Trump pardons his former security advisor Michael Flynn - see blog entry from 6:35 a.m.. Leading Democrats reacted with indignation. Nancy Pelosi, the spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, accused Trump of abuse of power in favor of a rightly convicted wrongdoer: "Flynn's actions have represented a serious and dangerous violation of our national security." The pardon is further proof that Trump does not respect the rule of law.

US House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff wrote on Twitter: "Donald Trump has repeatedly abused his pardon to reward friends and protect those who have covered him." Then the Democrat added: "Corrupt to the end." Judicial Committee chairman, his party colleague Jerrold Nadler, said the pardon was "undeserved, unprincipled and another stain on President Trump's rapidly dwindling legacy."

6.45 a.m.: Trump pardons former security advisor Michael Flynn

US President Donald Trump has pardoned his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. "It is my great honor to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has received a full pardon," Trump wrote on Twitter. The retired general was involved in the Russia affair about possible electoral influence from Russia. Trump could pardon more people before the end of his term on January 20. In his tweet, Trump congratulated Flynn and his family and wrote this Thursday, with the holiday coming up, "I know you are going to have a really fantastic Thanksgiving!"

Flynn had only served as National Security Advisor for just over three weeks in 2017. He later admitted in the course of the investigation into possible Russian influence on the US presidential election in 2016 that he had lied to the FBI. He is also said to have lied to Vice President Mike Pence on the matter. Flynn was the only one to plead guilty to FBI special investigator Robert Mueller's investigations.

Trump has long considered pardoning his confidante. In March he announced that he was considering a "full pardon". In Trump's view, Flynn has been treated unfairly by the judiciary and the FBI. Critics may see Flynn's pardon as further evidence of their allegation that Trump is using his office to protect friends and partners from prosecution.

5.30 a.m.: Biden calls for unity in the fight against Corona

US President-elect Joe Biden has called on Americans to unite in the fight against the corona pandemic. "I know that the country has grown tired of the fight. We must not forget that we are at war with the virus, not with each other, not with each other," said Biden on Wednesday in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. Biden addressed the Americans with admonishing words this Thursday on the occasion of the Thanksgiving holiday. Families and friends usually come together for big celebrations on Thanksgiving. Biden again urged the Americans to refrain from doing so because of the corona risk. Given the "dramatic increase" in new infections, Biden called for efforts to "double up" to contain the pandemic.

"We have months ahead of us in this fight," said Biden. At the same time he tried to spread confidence. "If you look back on our history, you can see that the soul of our nation was forged under the most difficult of circumstances."

Biden warned that the number of new infections detected from the current 160,000 per day could soon rise to 200,000 and could overload the healthcare system in some places. Every American has to make his contribution, for example by wearing masks, observing distance rules and avoiding crowds. In the country with around 330 million inhabitants, around 12.7 million infections have been detected since the beginning of the pandemic and more than 261,000 deaths related to an infection have been reported.

The 2020 US election: It happened on Wednesday

7.22 a.m.: White House approves secret service briefings for Biden

After weeks of blockade, the elected US President Joe Biden can receive the daily briefing from the US secret services. There was a corresponding approval from the White House in the afternoon, said a spokesman for the office of the director of the US intelligence services on Tuesday (local time) on request. In the United States, it is customary for the elected president to be informed of the intelligence services' findings on a daily basis before the inauguration in January - as is the incumbent. According to reporters present in Wilmington on Tuesday, Biden said he had not yet received a briefing but would receive it regularly in the future.

Wednesday, 6.50 a.m.: Biden emphasizes US leadership

President-elect Joe Biden and his candidates for key foreign and security policy posts in the future administration have emphasized America's claim to leadership in the world. "It is a team that reflects the fact that America is back, ready to lead the world instead of withdrawing from it," Biden said in Wilmington, clearly referring to the course of the United States under the administration of Republican Donald Trump. With its future government team, America is "ready to face our adversaries instead of rejecting our allies, ready to stand up for our values". More on this in the article Turning away from the Trump era

The 2020 US election: It happened on Tuesday

6 p.m.: Pennsylvania also confirms the result of the US presidential election

Pennsylvania has officially confirmed the result of the presidential election as another contested US state with the victory of Joe Biden. This takes even more air out of the sails of the defeated President Donald Trump in his attempts to overturn the outcome of the election on November 3 with legal attacks. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf then announced that he had formally directed the state's 20 electorate to vote for Biden. Biden won in Pennsylvania by a good 80,500 votes.

The US President is not elected directly by the people, but on December 14th by 538 voters who vote in their state according to the result. With 20 voters, Pennsylvania is one of the most important states. Trump's lawyers had tried to invalidate the election results in several states so that local parliaments would instead appoint electors to vote for him. However, their lawsuits failed in court.

Michigan had already officially confirmed the results the day before, and Georgia last week. Both have 16 voters each.

6.03 a.m.: Biden team welcomes transition process as "necessary step"

The team of the elected US President Joe Biden wants to talk to current government officials about the corona crisis and national security after the end of the blockade of an orderly assumption of office. "Today's decision is a necessary step to begin coping with the challenges our country is facing," said Yohannes Abraham von Biden's transition team on Monday evening (local time). Biden's team would also use the meetings in the coming days to "gain a full understanding of the Trump administration's efforts to undermine government agencies."

The relevant authority GSA gave the green light on Monday for the cooperation of the incumbent administration of President Donald Trump with Biden's team. This will give the future government access to important resources that are necessary for a change of power in the USA. Trump said he had directed the authorities to cooperate with Biden.

Tuesday, 5.22 a.m.: Trump gives in when preparing for Biden's assumption of office

The elected US President Joe Biden is given access to the government infrastructure, which he has previously been denied, in order to prepare for his assumption of office. Incumbent Donald Trump instructed the authorities to cooperate with Biden, as he announced on Twitter. The responsible authority had previously classified GSA Biden as the likely election winner and thus given the green light for the Trump administration to cooperate with the Democrat's team. Trump still refuses to admit defeat in the November 3rd election, claiming that the victory was stolen from him through massive election fraud. He made it clear on Monday that he would keep fighting and was once again confident of victory. However, more than 30 lawsuits by his lawyers have been dismissed by the courts. More on this in the article Trump softens the blockage attitude

The 2020 US election: It happened on Monday

6:57 p.m.: Biden wants to make John Kerry the US special envoy for the climate

US President-elect Joe Biden wants to make former US Secretary of State John Kerry the US special envoy for the climate. Biden's team also confirmed on Monday that Antony Blinken should be nominated as foreign minister. Blinken is an advocate of multinational cooperation and has been advising Biden for almost 20 years. Alejandro Mayorkas should become the first Latino to hold the post of Secretary of Homeland Security, according to the will of Biden and the elected Vice President Kamala Harris.

For the first time with Avril Haines, a woman is to coordinate the various US secret services as director of the intelligence services (DNI). The Biden team also confirmed media reports that Jake Sullivan would become National Security Advisor in the White House and Linda Thomas-Greenfield would represent the United States as Ambassador to the United Nations.

14.40: The man who is supposed to help Donald Trump to victory

Rudy Giuliani was quite popular as Mayor of New York, but now he is causing a shake of the head as Donald Trump's lawyer. He was commissioned by the president, who was still in office, to challenge the election results and to invalidate several counts due to alleged fraud. You can read in this portrait who this man is and what the chances of a success of this mission are.

Monday, 5.55 a.m.: Biden probably wants to make Blinken Foreign Minister

Antony Blinken is reported to be the new US Secretary of State: The elected US President Joe Biden wants to nominate the 58-year-old for office on Tuesday, as reported by the New York Times, citing insiders, on Monday night . Blinken has been advising Biden on foreign policy issues for a long time. From 2009 to 2013 he was Biden's National Security Advisor when he was Vice President Barack Obama. Blinken began his career in the State Department during the Bill Clinton administration.

The Democrat Biden is currently putting together his government team. On Tuesday he wants to present his "first" candidates for ministerial offices in his cabinet. It can be assumed that he will first announce the appointment of one or more of the more important departments. These include the finance, foreign, defense, justice and homeland security departments. During the election campaign, Biden had promised: "My government will look like America." So diversity should be the motto. Biden is due to be sworn in as the new president on January 20th.

Biden wants to realign his country's foreign policy: He promised to cement relations with allies around the world and to lead the USA back into international agreements. For example, he has announced a return to the Paris climate protection agreement. Unlike the incumbent President Donald Trump, he also wants to continue working with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The 2020 US election - it happened on Sunday:

5:20 p.m.: Republican governor criticizes Trump

The Republican governor of the US state of Maryland has described incumbent President Donald Trump's fight against the election results as increasingly "bizarre" and embarrassing. The US was once a respected leader in free elections around the world, "and now we're starting to look like a banana republic," Larry Hogan told CNN on Sunday. "It's time to stop the nonsense," said the Republican.

"I am embarrassed that in our party no more members express their opinion," said Hogan, who had repeatedly criticized his party colleague Trump in the past. The Democrat Joe Biden will be sworn in as the new president on January 20th.Trump's recent efforts to change the Michigan state election results by influencing Republican MPs are "completely scandalous," Hogan said.

10:25 a.m.: Trump requests recount in Georgia

After the narrow victory of his Democratic competitor Joe Biden in the presidential election in the US state of Georgia, incumbent President Donald Trump has requested a recount in the state. The corresponding application was submitted on Saturday, announced his campaign team. Trump had until Tuesday to request another recount. He was able to do this because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points.

Georgia had already checked the ballot papers herself. Then Biden's lead over Trump shrank from around 14,000 to 12,670 votes. The responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp had confirmed the results on Friday afternoon. Biden won the votes of the state's 16 electorate.

The 2020 US election - it happened on Saturday:

4:23 p.m.: Trump tweeted about alleged electoral fraud during the G20 summit

The incumbent US President Donald Trump spoke up at the start of the G20 summit with several tweets about alleged electoral fraud in the US. During the first hour of the video session with the heads of state and government, Trump wrote, among other things, about the "massive and unprecedented electoral fraud". Twitter immediately warned the news that the allegations were "controversial". Trump has so far not provided any solid evidence for his allegations and has already lost several trials on the matter.

The two-day G20 summit, hosted by the host Saudi Arabia, ends on Sunday. Together, the members of the G20 represent more than 85 percent of global economic output and two thirds of the world's population.

3:36 p.m.: Another defeat for Trump in court

The incumbent US President Donald Trump and his Republican allies suffered yet another defeat in contesting the election results. In the state of Georgia, Judge Steven Grimberg rejected a conservative attorney's request for an injunction, which, among other things, should stop the certification of the election results. Trump has also suffered defeats in lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

The Georgia court also dismissed an attack by the plaintiff on absentee ballots. Granting the injunction requested by the plaintiff would "create confusion, undermine public confidence in the election and potentially expel more than a million Georgia voters," the verdict said in Friday's verdict (local time).

The narrow election victory of Democrat Joe Biden in Georgia has now been officially confirmed. The responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger and Governor Brian Kemp certified the results on Friday afternoon. Biden won the votes of the state's 16 electorate by a wafer-thin majority of 12,670 votes. Because of the tight result, the state had initiated a recount. As a result, Biden's lead had shrunk, before he had been in the lead with around 14,000 votes.

However, Trump would have until Tuesday to request another vote recount in Georgia. Trump claims there was massive electoral fraud in the November 3rd election. However, he has not provided any conclusive evidence for this. That was also the reasoning with which several judges recently dismissed claims by Trump and his allies.

2:07 p.m.: Twitter wants to hand over @ POTUS account to Biden upon inauguration

The online service Twitter will hand over the official presidential account @POTUS to the elected President Joe Biden on the day of the inauguration - even if the incumbent Donald Trump does not admit his electoral defeat by then. This was confirmed by Twitter on Friday (local time) on the Internet portal "Politico". The same applies to the official accounts of the White House @whitehouse, the Vice President @VP, the First Lady @FLOTUS and some other accounts that are connected to the presidency.

"Twitter is actively preparing to support the handover of the official Twitter accounts on January 20, 2021," the spokesman for the online service, Nick Pacilio, was quoted as saying. Then Biden (78) should be sworn in. According to Twitter, no information exchange between Trump and Biden's team is necessary for the handover of the accounts. All existing tweets would be archived, the accounts then reset and handed over to Biden's team.

Trump (74) should not be hit particularly hard by the loss of the @ POTUS account with around 32.8 million followers. His most important mouthpiece is the private account: The incumbent president is followed by around 88.9 million people on @realDonaldTrump. The private Twitter profile of Bidens has significantly fewer followers with around 19.3 million people.

8.25 a.m.: Biden's election victory in Georgia officially confirmed

Joe Biden's election victory in the state of Georgia is officially confirmed. The responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger officially certified the results, said Governor Brian Kemp on Friday. The further procedure now provides that Kemp confirms the numbers within 24 hours and thus instructs the 16 electorate of the state to vote for Biden as president on December 14th.

The defeated President Donald Trump then has up to and including Tuesday to request a recount of the votes. Several lawsuits by his attorneys against the election results had failed in Georgia - as in several other states - in court.

Georgia had already checked the ballot papers herself. Thereafter, Biden's lead over Trump shrank from around 14,000 to 12,670 votes, as reported on Friday. The reason was that electoral commissions in two Republican-ruled districts had forgotten to include several thousand counted votes in the bill. Kemp sharply criticized that there were irregularities to this extent.

The 2020 US election - it happened on Friday:

1:33 p.m.: Debate about Rudy Giuliani's hair dye

A bizarre detail from the already bizarre press conference with Rudy Giuliani is a topic of conversation on the Internet: While the longstanding personal lawyer of US President Donald Trump in the spotlight of the cameras answered questions from journalists and delivered more and more attacks against the outcome of the lost presidential election, dripped suddenly dark color down his temples. The 76-year-old repeatedly dabbed the sweat from his face, but the rivulets of color continued to run down his cheeks for minutes. US media and people on the net speculated about hair dye after the appearance on Thursday (local time) in Washington. "Oil and evil are seeping out of Giuliani," tweeted Meena Harris, niece of Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris. "Does Trump really believe that Rudolph Giuliani will help him?" Asked the Democratic MP in the House of Representatives, Hakeem Jeffries, on Twitter. "In the history of crazy Rudy press conferences, this could be his masterpiece," joked comedian Jimmy Fallon.

8.44 a.m.: Trump's lawyers get entangled in bizarre theories

Donald Trump's lawyers are delving deeper and deeper into conspiracy theories in their attacks on the outcome of the lost presidential election. They claim, among other things, that the Democrats manipulated the election with the help of communists from Venezuela. They also insist on the repeatedly refuted allegations that the software used in the count converted votes for President Trump in favor of his victorious challenger Joe Biden. At the same time, the Trump side lost in court proceedings in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania and Arizona on Thursday alone. So far, the Trump side has collected more than 30 slaps in court. Trump's longtime attorney and confidante Rudy Giuliani, held out further lawsuits. More on this in the article Trump's lawyers and their conspiracy theories

8:01 a.m.: US Democrats are demanding clarification about the handover blockade

Several Democratic US MPs have written a letter calling for a statement from the head of the GSA, which has so far refused to hand over official business to the elected US President Joe Biden. "Your action, which leads to a blockade of the legally required transition, has serious consequences," wrote the deputies in the US House of Representatives on Thursday (local time) to the head of the agency, Emily Murphy, appointed by President Donald Trump. They requested to speak to Murphy by Monday. They did not rule out a summons to a public hearing. In the US, preparations for a change of power usually begin as soon as a new president is elected. The GSA agency has still not given Biden's transition team the green light to work with government agencies. Actually, Biden and his team would have access to ministries, authorities and confidential government information before they took office.

The law on the handover of official business gives the GSA an important role. After the election, Murphy must determine who the "obviously successful candidates" are for president and vice-president. The transfer of office can only be formally initiated with your letter, which is normally regarded as a formality. Murphy does not yet recognize Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris as election winners. With their actions, they undermine an orderly transfer of power and affect the ability of the new government to respond to the corona pandemic and cope with the severe economic consequences, the letter said. "We have been extremely patient, but we cannot wait any longer." It is Murphy's responsibility to initiate the transition.

Friday 6:20 am: Review confirms Biden's election victory in the state of Georgia

Joe Biden has been verified as the Georgia state presidential winner on a review. His lead over incumbent Donald Trump is 12 284 votes, as the responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger announced on Thursday evening (local time). Before the manual review of the roughly five million ballot papers began, Biden was ahead with around 14,000 votes. The decline is not surprising: a few days ago it was discovered that electoral commissions in two Republican-ruled districts had forgotten to include several thousand counted votes. Raffensperger stressed on local television that no evidence of election fraud had been found. However, Trump can still request a recount because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points.

The 2020 US election: It happened on Thursday

9.15 p.m.: Trump lawyers withdraw lawsuit in Michigan

Donald Trump's attorneys have withdrawn a lawsuit against the outcome of the Michigan state presidential election. The reason they gave in court on Thursday was that they had succeeded in preventing the results from being confirmed in an important district. However, it was initially doubtful whether this was actually the case. Without the results from the county, the confirmation of the vote could be held up across the state.

In the large Wayne County, the two Republican members of the four-member electoral commission initially refused to confirm the results of the vote earlier this week. After public criticism and a compromise with plans for a partial review, they relented a little later. But then they decided to withdraw their consent - and made this clear in written statements for the court.

Trump attorneys attached these statements to the motion to withdraw the lawsuit. However, a spokesman for Michigan State Secretary Jocelyn Benson said there was no legal mechanism for members of an electoral commission to undo their confirmation of results.

A member of the electoral commission told the Washington Post that she had been called by Donald Trump in the meantime. He still refuses to admit defeat in the presidential election, claiming that his victory was taken away by fraud in favor of challenger Joe Biden. Neither Trump nor his lawyers have yet been able to present evidence of this.

State results are key to winning a presidential election. The head of state is not elected directly by the people, but by electors who cast their votes according to the results in their state. According to calculations by the US media, Democrat Biden has 306 electorates behind him, he needs 270 for the presidential election. Trump has 232 electorates.

6.50 a.m.: Pelosi nominated for chairmanship of the US House of Representatives

The Democrats in the US House of Representatives have re-elected Nancy Pelosi as their chairman. This means that the 80-year-old is also nominated for the vote scheduled for January to chair the lower house. "I'm excited and I can't wait to work with a new President of the United States, Joe Biden, and (his vice) Kamala Harris," Pelosi said on Wednesday (local time) following the election.

Pelosi had recently come under pressure from within the party after the Democrats unexpectedly had to surrender many of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives to the Republicans in the presidential and congressional elections in early November. However, since the Democrats were able to maintain their majority there, Pelosi's election in January for another two-year term as chairman of the lower house is considered safe.

Shortly after the election, Pelosi announced that she would run again for the presidency of the Democrats. According to media reports, she said last year that she would not run again in 2022. Hence, this could be her final term as the most powerful member of the Congress Chamber. The chairperson of the House of Representatives is in second place after the vice-president if the president leaves office.

Thursday, 5.20 a.m.: Trump is trying to partially recount in Wisconsin

In his attempt to overturn the result of the US presidential election, Donald Trump also wants to recount some of the votes in the state of Wisconsin. The president's election campaign team transferred $ 3 million for a partial recount, the state's electoral commission said. Trump continues to claim that election victory was stolen from him by election fraud in favor of challenger Joe Biden. His lawsuits against it have so far been almost entirely unsuccessful. In the northern state of Wisconsin, Democrat Biden prevailed with a margin of 0.62 percent. The cost of a recount is only borne by the state if the lead is less than 0.25 percent.

The 2020 US election: It happened on Wednesday

7.57 a.m.: Biden introduces the White House team

A good two months before his inauguration, the elected US President Joe Biden introduced other members of his team to the White House. The current campaign manager of the Democrats, Jen O'Malley Dillon, is to become deputy chief of staff, and Congressman Cedric Richmond is to take the position of senior advisor, Biden announced on Tuesday. The previous lawyer in charge of his campaign team, Dana Remus, should also lead the legal team in the White House.