Does the broken heart ever connect Why?

infinitely loved

... from the beginning until today.

In Ezekiel 36, 26-27 NLB you can read:

"I will give you a new heart and give you a new spirit. I will take the heart of stone out of your body and give you a heart of flesh. And I will give you my spirit, so that you can live according to my law and my commandments preserve and act accordingly. "

That is a promise - a promise - that God made to the prophet Ezekiel for his people.

I believe God is incredibly sad and cries when he sees humanity mutilating each other, ignoring him and often doing terrible things and waging wars even on his behalf. God gave people the Ten Commandments, not as rigid rules, but as well-intentioned guides. But people prefer to go their own way, according to their own rules.

Back when God made this promise to Ezekiel, the people were celebrating great worship services to please God, but at the same time disobeying any commandments of charity. I guess that's called hypocrisy. And even then, many people's hearts were probably numbed. They had no sense of how much they hurt God with it.

Your heart is hard as stone and does not allow love and devotion. They find it difficult to open up to relationships because it makes them vulnerable.
So they flee from close ties and closeness. Because they have already suffered enough injuries. Hard-hearted people find it difficult to accept correction, to apologize, to forgive, to trust ... I think behind their hardship there is often a hurt child. Do you recognize yourself again? ... We all have injuries, some more, some less.

We all tend to have hard hearts, no one in front of us is safe from it ...

For thousands of years, humanity has failed again and again because of its hard-heartedness. There is so much political and social hardship and little is learned from it. External pressure rarely causes a change of mind. I believe God knows that a person's petrified heart can only change from within. And that is exactly why I believe that he offers us his grace and forgiveness over and over again.

But it is so difficult for us to accept that.

Hard hearts not only ward off human love,
but unfortunately also the infinite love of God!

Hard hearts fear failure and shame. They have given their minds alone control of their lives and also of their beliefs. Your heart has nothing to report. Emotions are dangerous, they learned.

Even then, God said to Isaiah: "Even after my own people, who do not let themselves be said, I stretched out my hands. I wanted to invite them again and again. But they constantly turn me away, they do what they want and go the wrong way." - Isaiah 65, 2 HfA


What else can I say ?! What can I do?

I can tell you that I am convinced that God loves each individual human being infinitely and that he wants a deep friendship with each of us! I don't have a prescription for hard-heartedness. But I know from my own experience - as far as I can see with my few years of life experience - that you have to be ready to open your heart and not hide your injuries from God.

Let him reach you with his love. Tell him how it looks to you ... don't be ashamed of it. He really likes honesty! Talk to him like a good friend to whom you can trust everything. Talk to him about your hard heart. Egoism, envy, hatred ... are not foreign words to him.


Healing always includes the willingness to open up. Bit by bit.

I can take responsibility for my life and that of the people around me. For me, humanity is a human right, a matter of course and a duty. When I have experienced God's love as a Christian, I also have something to pass on. I can lend a hand wherever help is needed. I can go to people, trust them, offer them practical help, listen to them and never tire of praying for them!


"He heals those who have a broken heart and binds their aching wounds." - Psalm 147, 3 NGÜ


All the best for you and his fat blessing !!
Your Mandy



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This post was published on December 4, 2015.