Why does Austria speak German

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Find out why Austria is the best place to learn German!

Every language has its dialects. Some dialects sound more rural and others more urban. In most languages, however, a predominant variation is always referred to as "standard". The standard variation of a language is generally always a very clear and precise representation of the language. For the German language, "High German" is the standard.

While in some countries the standard deviation of the national language is mainly spoken in formal scenarios, in Austria Standard German is also often spoken in informal situations. That is why Austria is the ideal place to learn German - you not only acquire standard German at school but also in everyday life. Standard German is spoken particularly widely in the Austrian capital Vienna. People of all ages speak Standard German here and even those who like to speak in their regional dialects can understand Standard German without any problems!

In contrast to many other countries, in which regional dialects differ so strongly from the standard variant that they sound like two completely different languages, Austria stands for unity and individuality. The individual dialects give their speakers a sense of home, while Standard German is spoken and understood by pretty much everyone - even outside of Austria! So in Austria you experience the best of both worlds!

The Austrian use of Standard German is particularly helpful for everyone who comes to Austria - especially Vienna - to improve their language skills. High German is the standard not only in Austria, but worldwide! No matter which country you are in, German speakers from all over the world understand standard German. So if you want to learn Standard German and become part of the Germanophone international community, Austria is the right place for you.

The best thing about Standard German is that it doesn't require perfection from anyone. Even if you have an accent when speaking German, you will certainly be understood by other German speakers. Regardless of whether you roll the "R" or not or whether you have difficulty pronouncing the German "ch" sound - Austrians appreciate diversity! Standard German unites German speakers from all over the world!

If you are thinking about learning German, definitely come to Austria! High German is spoken everywhere, especially in the Vienna capital. In the ActiLingua Academy you will acquire the most important vocabulary, the correct grammar and the appropriate intonation of standard German. You will also encounter High German in your free time - for example in the gym, in the coffee house or even on Austrian television!

Visit our website and book an ActiLingua German course to learn High German and become part of the German-speaking community! ActiLingua looks forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Austrian capital!