Which is more secure WCF or WebApi

WCF vs ASP .Net Web API

What are the pros and cons of each technology?

The WCF Web API is now merged in Asp.net. The Asp.net Web API now supports self-hosting.

I still imagine if I wanted to expose multiple protocol schemes for the same operation would I still lean towards WCF, or can the mvc endpoint do the same too?

Does the new Asp.Net Web API also make Wsdl available? If not, how would the client find out what operation is available to it?

Probably the best feature of Mvc is the model binder. How robust is the WCF equivalent?

Can someone tell me what the benefit of the Asp.net Web API is? WCF seems to be the more powerful / scalable choice for the most part, imo. The only thing the Mvc Web Api has over the WCF model is probably its ease of development, but that means squats when it becomes a serious design limitation later on.


The choice depends on what we want to do.

  1. The ASP.NET Web API is a framework for creating non-SOAP based services over HTTP only. Therefore, no other transport protocols are available with this framework.
  2. WCF / Windows Communication Foundation is a framework for the exchange of SOAP-based messages. Here we use many transport protocols: HTTP, TCP, Named Pipes, MSMQ, etc.

Not sure which one performs better in terms of data size, possibly WCF as we can use low protocols. Comments are welcome.

The WCF Web API mainly focuses on REST implementations. If you're setting up a REST implementation, the standard WCF bits at the back are a bit of a pain. When you set up RESTful services, the WCF web API will be a much nicer experience. When setting up SOAP services, the WCF web API is not your best friend, and you'd better use WCF for your services.

Use WCF for intranet / B2B sites. N Web API for B2C / C2C / websites. SOAP / XML is still the standard for internal company communication. It won't go away !!!

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