What is Intel Core Processor

With a new computer with Intel® Core ™ processor of the 8th generation you are ideally equipped for the digital world. The immense performance improvements compared to the previous generation will also inspire you! Look forward to realistic gaming and impressive content creation and experience first-class 4K UHD entertainment in a captivating and first-hand manner.

Intel® Core ™ X-Series processors

  • Powerful desktop PCs
  • First 18-core processor
  • Extreme gaming, megatasking and complex content creation

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Intel® Eighth generation Core ™ i9 processors

  • First-class, high-performance notebooks
  • AAA gaming and complex multimedia design
  • Strong performance and megatasking

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Intel® 8th generation Core ™ i7 processors

  • Next-generation desktops, notebooks and 2-in-1 computers
  • High-end gaming, multitasking and content creation
  • Impressive speed and top performance

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Intel® 8th generation Core ™ i5 processors

  • PCs for private and professional use
  • 4K resolution for videos and games
  • Fast system start and additional performance on demand

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Intel® 8th generation Core ™ i3 processors

  • PCs for standard tasks
  • Short battery charging time and long battery life
  • Integrated mobility

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Processors with Intel® vPro ™ technology

  • For the modern workplace
  • Hardware-enhanced security and management functions
  • Great job

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Special features and performance characteristics

Unprecedented performance and responsiveness

Everyday computer applications can now run faster. Edit photos and videos with ease. Quickly switch between programs and windows. Use multiple applications at the same time with ease. And what's even better: In addition to these performance features, your computer offers up to 10 hours of battery life1 5, so you can use it flexibly anywhere without worrying about the availability of power outlets.

Your computer becomes an entertainment center

Your future computer is also a fantastic entertainment center with which you can effortlessly stream 4K UHD videos, immerse yourself in virtual reality environments and play the most demanding games. With 4 times more pixels than a conventional HD screen, you can enjoy razor-sharp and realistic images, complex shading and a high frame rate - with practically no jerking or delays. Are you ready for the groundbreaking and impressive worlds of experience that await you in the future?

Easy to use, difficult to crack

Integrated security6 provides an additional layer of protection that secures logins with passwords, browsing and online payments6 and makes it easy. In the future, you can log in to your PC with a quick glance, your voice or your fingerprint. The new functionality is absolutely secure6 and uncomplicated! And you can save all your passwords and personal information with a master password and have them filled out automatically if necessary. In addition, natural and intuitive interaction options are available to you using touch controls, voice control and a stylus.