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Codefuchs is a platform for Learn to program. We accompany you in your first steps to becoming a programmer. Here you will find programming courses for beginners, as well as regular new articles on all kinds of topics related to programming. Free, easy and playful you can write your first programs at codefuchs and immerse yourself in the topic. With us you don't need any previous knowledge. We start from scratch with you, like all programmers once.

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Learning to program is today more topical than ever before. Hundreds of companies are looking for committed new people with a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds. Career changers are not uncommon here. You don't have to go to university and study computer science for years. The big advantage of learning to program is that you can do it in hand has. In the world of computers and the Internet, everything is developing at breakneck speed and in various directions. Apps, games, artificial intelligence, robotics, machines, websites, programs, self-driving cars and much more. In the world of programming, you have a huge range of options.

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