How can I easily earn money online

Earn money effortlessly: You can do it with these 6 part-time jobs

And how do you become an extras or extras? It's actually quite simple. There are agencies that arrange such part-time jobs, such as "Film Faces" or "EndemolShine". With these agencies usually fill out a questionnaire and upload some recent pictures of yourself. You are already registered.

The catch: you need a bit of luck for the agencies to include you in their files. While you may fit one, the other may reject you. And film shoots don't always take place on off-peak times or weekends. Especially if you work full-time in your main job, the appointments for which you are chosen could come in at an inconvenient time.

© istock / ollo / 2016 As an extra, you can get a taste of the world of film, you don't have to do a lot and you also get money for it.

3. Have your head washed properly

Have you always wanted to be on the catwalk? But you don't have the typical model measurements? Or is it too strenuous for you to become the next Heidi Klum? Then let your hair do the work for you and become the hairstyle model.

You won't earn as much with it as the top models in the world. You don't need experience or a lot of effort to get your hair on the big stage. However, it is often a prerequisite that you have full and healthy hair. And you shouldn't be afraid of a complete makeover. Unlike at your hairdresser, you can only very rarely influence the result of a show. For example, you might like your hair long and undyed. The hairdresser would like to score points with viewers or the jury with bright pink strands and a short hairstyle.

If you are interested in this unusual part-time job, simply register with special agencies such as “Kuhlmann Beauty”. Or apply for suitable advertisements on job boards. If you are actually booked for an event, you can win up to 100 euros and more per day. You may be out and about all day for this. But you also save money and time for the hairdresser and get a perfectly cut and styled mane.

© istock / monkeybusinessimages / 2014 As a hair model, you get a professional cut and money for your time on the barber chair.

Tip: If it is enough to just get a haircut for free instead of money, you can also ask at the hairdressing salon around the corner. Often times, trainees need someone to practice haircuts, perms or coloring on. Disadvantage: You are usually not allowed to choose what the trainee does with your hair. But if in doubt, you can refuse the job in the event of unwanted changes such as perms or highlights.

4. Become a lifesaver with a part-time job

Donating blood saves lives. Therefore, money should by no means be the main incentive for this. Nevertheless, you may be able to get paid for your time donating blood. At least with some blood donation services. You can find the relevant services in your area by searching the Internet. For a so-called whole blood donation you get around 20 euros. Sometimes there is a little more for a blood plasma donation.

The difference between whole blood and blood plasma donation? When donating whole blood, you give all your blood - needle in, blood out and that's it. When donating blood plasma, all of your blood is first drawn off. Then the blood plasma is filtered out and the rest of the blood is pumped back into your body. The advantage: blood plasma donors often recover faster because the body only has to reproduce the lost components, but not all of the blood.

However, there is one small catch with donating blood: You have to follow certain rules. You should have eaten enough before donating, preferably light food and not too greasy. From the evening before the donation, alcohol is also taboo. And you should have drunk enough, for example water or tea.

© istock / monkeybusinessimages / 2014 Your blood donation is important because it saves lives - and it can also bring you cash.

5. Just tell others what you think

Are you constantly confronted with the opinions of others through Facebook, Instagram and Co.? Then share your thoughts for the best - and earn something with them. Because: Market researchers are constantly looking for people to interview. Or for testers who try out their products and comment on their properties.

And companies let that cost up to 10 euros an hour, sometimes even more. The providers for this unusual part-time job are innumerable. But there are also a few shady companies among them. Make sure you land with reputable companies.

How do you recognize them? Established institutes such as the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) are considered to be reputable .de. Test reports or experience reports on market research companies on the Internet can help with the selection. Usually it quickly shows how serious the testers or users think the company is.

© istock / monkeybusinessimages / 2014 Many companies want to know what you think - and therefore pay for your opinion.

6. Count cars instead of sheep

One car, two cars, three cars - especially when you count sheep in bed in the evening, you can certainly gain a lot from this unusual part-time job. Because cities or federal states are always looking for so-called traffic countersthat count the vehicles at selected traffic points over several days or weeks.

You need a lot of concentration for counting for several hours per shift. But for a part-time job with little effort, it is also paid quite well. As a traffic meter, you can expect around 10 euros per hour. In addition, there is often a lump sum for arrival and departure. You can find offers for this part-time job in the respective district or city. Also in general job boards. And often on sites that offer student jobs, such as the “Studierendenwerk Berlin”.

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