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Exercise your rights!

Exercise your rights!

Although the GDPR has come into force, many private and public institutions continue to misuse and unlawfully exploit your personal data every day, often without your noticing. Fortunately, the GDPR gives you the opportunity to exercise your privacy rights

But what does it mean to enforce your data protection rights in practice?

Realizing data protection is a Marathon, not a sprint. Therefore gives you noyb with of the series "Exercise your rights "the tools at hand you need to cross the finish line

In the series below, each step will address a separate right and explain the steps you as an individual can take to enforce the rights that GDPR gives you. No legal jargon or unnecessary language, just practical, real and actionable steps anyone can take to enforce their rights, no prior knowledge required.

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As with any long-distance run, a little warm-up can be useful. Therefore we recommend an easy preparation by reading how to access your data first ".

These are your rights under the GDPR

Right of access - Access to your data!

Right to withdraw consent - withdraw your consent!

Right to object - object to the processing of your data!

Right to rectification - correct your data!

Right to deletion - have your data deleted!

Right to data portability - transfer your data!

Right to restriction of processing - restrict processing!

Automated individual decision-making - let yourself be protected from automated decision-making!

Right to complain - complain to your data protection officer!