Why do some people have thin wrists?

Thin Wrists - Really Ectomorphic?

Hello everyone,

I'll address myself to you. The following about me: Every 3 years I tore my anterior cruciate ligament in both knees (+ usual side effects, external meniscus, etc.). First X-band tear in Sep 2010 (right), second in May 2013 (left).

The left leg (OP -> 2013) gives me 0 problems. However, I have been fighting with my right knee since September 2010 (first cruciate ligament tear). Stability and muscles are fully there. However, I have had a pain on the outside of the knee (directly above the fibular head or fibula head) since the beginning. So in principle not in the joint space directly where the outer meniscus etc sits, but we said directly above the fibular head. The pain is barely felt under strain. Usually a few hours later or on the day (on the days) after the exercise (jogging) afterwards. The pain is pretty constant, rather "dull". I wouldn't describe the pain as particularly strong, rather as annoying and hindering. When I press into the joint space, I also partially feel it.

Riding a bike and swimming actually works fine. However, without having problems for 1-2 days, jogging is not really possible ... (as I said, almost no pain during exercise).

Possibly. has anyone ever had similar experiences. The physios and doctors are also slowly running out of ideas.

What I have done so far, unfortunately without success: muscle building, wobble pad exercises, stretching + taping, hyaluronic acid injections into the joint space, no jogging (only cross trainer), insoles to relieve the joint space (sensorimotor and passive insoles), full training in the Hope that the pain will just go away someday ...

It was also suspected that something was wrong with the external meniscus. According to this, the outer menisus was sutured athroscopically in 2012 (a small tear was visible on MRI). After that it didn't get any better (seam apparently not held). After all, I now had hope that the third operation would redeem me. accordingly another athroscopy (3rd operation, knee right -> partial meniscus resection). ... the pain is still there after 3 operations and still the same for 4 years.

I'm slowly running out of ideas ... I read something about the "runner's knee" in Inet, that fits in with the pain point, but I can't imagine it.

As I said, maybe. can someone help me here. At least I have no more ideas, but I would like to be able to jog without pain. In principle I can do all kinds of sports, but I have to expect that the next 1 - 2 days will be uncomfortable for my right knee.

And sry for the long text ... I think that there has to be someone who has the same problems or maybe some advice ^^ ...