What are the 5 types of inventory

What is an inventory?

Remember to schedule enough staff for the day early. That can also mean you additional temporary help Set for inventory only. This has advantages and disadvantages. It is not only the higher costs that have a negative impact. The additional workers do not know their way around your company and may have never carried out an inventory, so they still have to be trained at short notice. However, this expenditure of time and money can be offset by a faster inventory. The more staff are working on the inventory at the same time, the faster it will be done.

Another benefit of outside labor is in the Operational blindness and the Bias To see your regular employees. Even if you do not decide on additional temporary help, it makes sense not to use employees in their normal work area. The likelihood that they repeat the same mistakes in the original posting during inventory is quite high. In addition, as an entrepreneur, you cannot assume that employees who find a mistake they have made themselves or who have committed a criminal act will not try to cover up it. Without putting your employees under general suspicion, the inventory is also intended as a means of uncovering theft.

After all, you need to put teams together and Define areas of responsibility. In this way you can be sure that no items are overlooked because nobody feels responsible for them. If you do not take on this task yourself, you must appoint an inventory manager. This coordinates the process during the inventory, assigns tasks, keeps an eye on schedules and can carry out random checks.

When it comes to the workforce, it can be worthwhile Teams of two put together. This has two advantages: firstly, one person can count and the other can take notes. That speeds up the work. Second, employees can take turns taking turns to relieve the strain on their heads and joints. If you can afford it, it even makes sense to have each item recorded by two separate teams: This minimizes errors.