How charts are formatted in Advanced Excel

In 5 steps: How to transfer chart formatting to Excel

In Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs, diagrams are used to make important, extensive or difficult to understand information and data understandable through visualization. With a glance at a bar or pie chart, listeners or viewers of the spreadsheet can read important facts and draw personal conclusions. Until a diagram fulfills the desired goal of visualization, it must be created and adapted individually.

Different colors, the formatting of the fonts and font sizes and the correct designation of the legends is time-consuming and requires many work steps. So that you do not have to start from "zero" for a similar diagram with different data content, Microsoft Excel offers you the option of transferring existing diagram formatting to a new diagram with just a few clicks. This saves valuable time and is particularly important in a professional environment in order to comply with the corporate design rules.

The term corporate design (CI) is understood to mean the visual appearance of a company. In addition to the company logo, company colors, fonts and other formatting options are described in the CI. The corporate design must be adhered to in all images and print products in order to increase the recognition value.

Copy existing diagram formatting into a new diagram - this is how it works

To transfer the format settings from one diagram to another, proceed as follows:


  1. In the first step, click on the diagram whose formatting you want to copy. Make sure that the entire diagram is highlighted.

  2. Press the right mouse button and select the function COPY or press the key combination CTRL + C.