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Lauten-Weschnitz. The MGV Sängerlust Lauten-Weschnitz was able to look back on an exciting and eventful year last Friday at the annual general meeting in the Sängerheim in Mitlechtern. The chairman of the association, Franz Arnold, gave a precise, but also a good sense of humor, on the activities of the 125-member association. Three choirs - a male, a female and a mixed choir - are active in total. The oldest active singers are Elisabeth Steinmann, Klaus Sturm and Ludwig Strohmenger, each aged 82. Arnold emphasized that “Thank God” several more “80s” strengthen the ranks of the choirs and would continue to be needed to support the individual voices. The youngest singer is 19 years old Christian Schuhmann, the youngest singer is Marie Rettig.

20 appearances last year

The three choirs completed over 100 hours of singing and 20 performances last year. The most committed singers were Elisabeth Steinmann with only one and Andrea Richter with three absent hours. With the singers, Franz Arnold and Walter Grieser senior were not absent from a single singing lesson. Klaus Sturm was also busy with two and Bernd Wolf with three absent hours. For their great commitment, the members were given a present by the board of directors.

Arnold emphasized that honors from long-term members still had to be made up for the past year. Those not yet honored are Werner Klant for 50 years and Gerhard Amthor and Armin Steinmann for 40 years of passive membership each. There are many more honors due this year. Andreas Mayer, Jürgen Schneider, Reinhold Schneider and Dieter Schuhmann can look back on 40 years of active membership. Wiebke Drenger will be honored for 25 years of membership. Among the passive members, Walter Bartmann, Günter Gräf, Heinz Hoffmann, Achim Lernbecher, Richard Rettig junior, Reiner Schaab and Andreas Kriegisch will be honored for 40 years of membership.

Arnold thanked all members for their commitment - both Walter Bartmann and Walter Roßbrey for making and setting up the set on Shrove Monday and Erika Schneider, who had made her court available for the Christmas party. There was great praise for the conductor Volker Schneider, who supports the association with a lot of heart. Special thanks also went to the vice-conductors Wiebke Drenger from the women's choir and Walter Grieser junior from the men's choir. Arnold thanked the board members of the local clubs in Lauten-Weschnitz and their fellow members for the good cooperation. So also the Kerwe youth, who had made their tent available to the association for the summer festival. Arnold also thanked those responsible for local politics, such as Mayor Holger Schmitt and Mayor Anni Leinen, who was personally present at the annual general meeting, for their support.

The most important events of the association were the summer and slaughter festivals as well as the Christmas party. At the Whitsun market parade, the association and the Lauten-Weschnitz local advisory board were present with a moving van. The club's singers were also active abroad, for example at the Eintracht Fahrenbach scrubbing festival.

Club house needs renovation

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the club house in Mitlechtern, Arnold noted that it would have to be renovated this year and new tables and chairs purchased. However, new furniture is very expensive. Arnold hopes that perhaps one or the other donor will agree to support the association financially with the new acquisition. The members thanked the board for its work. In the election of the board of directors the incumbents were unanimously confirmed by the members. pas

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