What is the moral of the soul

DISGUST AND MORAL : From guardian angel of the body to guardian angel of the soul

The feeling of disgust also seems to be intertwined with some of our moral judgments. Disgust is a feeling that nature probably originally brought into being to warn and protect our body against poisons, especially spoiled food. Rotten meat for example, an instinctive reaction of disgust evokes in us: we immediately spit out the poisonous, dangerous piece of meat. Yes, we are usually so disgusted by the smell of rotten food that we don't even eat it.

There are patients with brain damage who no longer feel disgust and, for example, drink spoiled milk, which they call "wonderful" without irony. These people risk food poisoning every time they reach the refrigerator.

Disgust thus acts as the “guardian angel of our body”. In this case too, instincts are often stronger than the mind: so many refuse to Eating chocolate, which is a form of excrement Has.

As the US psychologists Jonathan Haidt and Paul Rozin suspect, the feeling of disgust in many cultures has expanded into a kind of “guardian angel of the soul”, for example when we describe certain behaviors as “disgusting”. Of course, what we perceive as a threat to the soul is subject to cultural change and is often irrational and arbitrary. For a long time, many people felt that homosexuality was both disgusting and morally reprehensible. Today, depending on society, this still applies to one or the other sexual practice. bas

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