How should a classical violinist dress?

David Garrett - the fashionable virtuoso

Clothing means freedom

He wears his long, bleached hair sometimes open, sometimes tied up in a braid. With his beard he remains true to himself and shows himself exclusively with a well-groomed three-day beard. The feeling for good clothing comes naturally to him: "My clothing always has something to do with my personal preferences. It means freedom to express yourself and to find yourself." Garrett's countless female fans love him not only as a great violinist, but also love his unusual look. The fact that he seems to impress the female sex with his appearance is unimportant to him, however.

"I just wear what I love," he explained. Perhaps he also absorbed some of his fashion sense from the modeling jobs he had to do to finance the $ 33,000 tuition fees for nine months of training at the Juiliard School of Music in New York when he was 19.

Rebellious towards the press too

The rebel in him is not only reflected in his clothes, but also in his behavior towards the press. We know that Garrett was born on September 4th with the name David Christian Bongartz in Aachen - but whether 1980 or 1981 is questionable. He himself adds to the general confusion by constantly providing contradicting information in interviews. It almost seems as if the star violinist has fun playing journalists by the nose. His style means a lot to the son of a German lawyer and an American prima ballerina: "Fashion is an important part of my life. And I believe that with the incredible variety that is offered nowadays, you can always find your own style."