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Whatsomine is a popular calculator for evaluating mine yield. This allows you to estimate the potential return on investment from ASIC, graphics cards, choose the most efficient and fast professional equipment. The calculator shows how much you can earn on different algorithms on one or another piece of equipment at the moment of time. service looks pretty confused at first and is not represented in Russian. However, once you have understood with the interface, you can easily use and evaluate with the profit in the future. In this article we will give detailed instructions on how to use the calculator, how to choose the most efficient graphics card, how to identify the most profitable algorithms, and also tell about the coins indicated in the main interface.

Video card calculator

Graphics card calculator is done on the GPU tab. In the top 2 sides are the most popular graphics cards for mining: AMD and Nvidia. There is a separate window for each card.

The service makes it possible to use the calculator to calculate the most popular graphics cards: 1050 Ti, 1060, 1070, 1070 TI, 1080, 1080 Ti, etc. To make it clear how to use Whatomine, let's look at the whole work on the process in the steps.

For example, you want to collect a farm of 6 graphics cards 1060. To do this, go to the website, go to the GPU tab, find the window named "1060" and enter it in IT 6 (number of cards). Then press the "1060" key, which is separated in green. You must enter "0" in all other graphics. Thus, only the required graphics card should be highlighted in green, and the desired amount of this type is indicated on the line.

After that, you need to go down and hit the "Calculate" button to do the calculation. After that, the service will automatically display data in the selected column.

This data shows the total hash list of six graphics cards 1060. The consideration of the standard is the standard that corresponds to the manufacturer's cards, without firmware and overclocking. The fact that Heshreit is calculated exactly on the basis of the factory data must be taken into account in the calculation. If you overclock the graphics cards when collecting a farm, then the hasher can be increased by 10-15% of the calculated accountability. And, accordingly, the income is also different, differs from the calculated one.

After you click the "Calculate" button, a table appears with the current yield of various algorithms. The Whatsomine website provides calculations for popular algorithms used in mining. The profit indicated in the column may differ somewhat from reality in practice, but somewhat. This data can be trusted as it is calculated in the current time mode based on real mode Cryptovaya rates time.

The calculator shows that 6 video cards 1060 can currently bring about 8 dollars a day in Etheeum (ETH).

You can use analogy to calculate the performance and return on investment of other devices. For example, take 2 cards 1060 and 4 cards 1070, etc. graphics card of different types it is better to consider separately. For example, calculate the profit for 3 AMD cards separately, then do another calculation for NVIDIA.

The calculator on Whatomine is an excellent assistant for evaluating the current profitability of the equipment. Once you know the price of certain graphics cards, it is not difficult to identify the most optimal and fast bootable equipment for the mining farm. It is also worth considering the fact that the profitability of the current day does not guarantee the same return in the sequence. Profit changes daily, depends heavily on the Cryptocurcy rates and can be very volthylene.

In addition to graphics cards, you can calculate the result size and for ASIC. It does this in the same way. Select the required types of equipment, enter the number and click on "Calculate".

Whatomine allows you to consider watts when calculating. But we don't recommend doing it because the yield and payback are more dependent on the type of equipment, its purchase value and the coins present.

Housranty Income Calculator

Calculate the yield based on real Hashraite - a more reliable way, and suitable for more advanced users. To do this, it is necessary to know in advance the exact value of HeSreite that corresponds to the device or the already assembled mining arm. If you have proven data on how many HasiRaids your mining ranch is doing per day, with their help you can easily estimate the size of the future earnings. To do this, enter the Meshherat value in the field and click the "Calculate" button.

Whatsomine will issue a daily return value on different algorithms per day. For example, producing 300 HESRAYITE can get $ 21 per day.

Coin calculator

In the Coins tab of Whatomine's top menu there are alternatives (not not the most popular coins) for the outcome. For example Belacoin, Bitcoincash, Aeon and others. Take a closer look at the AEON coin: click on the abbreviation and the details of it will open on a separate page.

For uninitiated mining and everything related to it, it seems like some kind of curse that is inaccessible to the brain of an ordinary person.

Well, yourself, what kind of sane citizen, instead of going to the plant for 15,000 rubles, Sydne will sit at home and calculate some formulas? Obviously, somehow, somehow ...

Of course, this is all, nor texts. And in reality, mining requires full immersion in the subject. If you're interested in the topic - you've probably visited, spoke to local sharks.

But it is not enough - once you ask the question how " how much is mining“Everyone's sending you to Hogwarts. That's on Whatomine..

Let's reveal all the cards of this service!

We decided to provide this article. complete instructions Whatomine in Russian, from which you will learn all the secrets of modern mining and you can count how much you earn.

And on the second day you send newcomers to mysterious Wattumin.!

Whatsomine calculator: ASE or what everyone should know

There are a mass of pocket mugs on the network, some of them are even specifically changed under a certain crypto lash.

For example, there is a calculator that calculates the mining profitability on Zcash, Bitcoin, Litecoin, on which it is possible without any problem to calculate what Mesheraite gives a given graphics card and how much it is in dollars for a given period of time.

But! For all existing services, the king of calculation advisors unanimously takes the Whatsomin platform into account.

Partly because it gives the full presentation (and real information) on mining. Partly due to the variety of functions.

OK. Let's get around.

On the screen we specifically provided a difference that can be navigated in the notation.


  • Title " red“Video carts.. Only if go in the first line " red"That is, Viyakhi series" AMD.In the second line (at number 2) are already presented " green»GPU video cards.
  • Title " green“Video carts.. The same as number 1, all of this is the series and names of "Vikaskov". By the way, what is interesting - "green" and "red" graphics cards on the service are highlighted by pressing the appropriate color.
  • Name of the algorithm. If someone doesn't know, we'll remember - cryptocurrencies are distributed to a number of groups, each of which is coded under its own algorithm. For example, on the Equihash algorithm (collapsed in red on the screen, in the middle and highlighted in blue) you may like Maja Zec, ZCL, Zen, Hush and others, but! On the algorithm presented, you cannot be able to use MAJA, for example Musicoin, since the token data system is encoded under the Dolch-Hashimoto algorithm.
  • Annoying. This is the power that your graphics card (or several types in the form of an operation) produce the algorithm on you. As you can see, the hash is presented under the guise of MH / S, H / S, KH / s is all performance names. Each algorithm is viewed in its own way the power of video cards. For example, card nvidia. GTX 1060 6 GB, which refers to the "green" bearing, gives the Ethash algorithm about 22.5 mH / s and on the Equihash-270 H / S or 315-S / Sol algorithm.
  • Watt. Here you just prescribe how much electricity your farm draws. There is no need to fill in if you don't know the exact values. By the way, the number of watts spent can just see the bat file when you run the Maderer on your computer. That said, some miner programs will run electricity for you.
  • Daily value. There is a count of how much money equivalent you will spend on the day of the electricity. Again the system will calculate everything for you.
  • costs. Here you just find out how much a kilowatt is in dollars in your region. As a rule, this value is worth the default value in most mountain beakers. Reinforced at $ 0.1 for 1 kWh. As we can see, it's the same here. And yes, by the way, if you don't know the exact cost of lighting, you can just drive the zeros (but if you have a whole farm at least 4 graphics cards, we recommend that you ask the price tag about anything flow will be serious).
  • Sorting. Here you can sort the amount of remuneration / complexity / other data on Cryptocurrencies based on various statistical services. For example, you can choose accordingly " Market cap"Below is a screen with various options offered in this window. If we choose the COIinMarketCap sorting, Cryptocurrencies will be sorted according to the rating of this service.

  • Volume filter. Here we are talking about sorting cryptocurrencial that you can Maja. So they can be sorted according to the volume of the daily bid. For example, if we assume and show the maximum value in the ˃100 on the Equihash algorithm, only 4 algorithms will open in front of us, namely: ZCL, ZEC, NiceHash-EquiHash, BTG.
  • Win complexity. Here the system offers you to select several options: depending on the current complexity or determine the average over the last 24 days, 3.7 days. It's no secret that the complexity of the network is constantly growing (can sometimes notice), so this filter is relevant for miners. Most take current complexity“For calculations.

We've looked at basic concepts. Let's go on.

This screen shows the same, start, service page

  • Choose Exchange for statistics. You can see that the famous exchange is listed here, based on which the average rate and other values ​​are calculated. Interestingly enough, you can only navigate on one specific Cryptocurcystation platform or a few navigating, disagreeing"In general, this is already at your discretion.
  • Default values. You can reset all previously entered parameters by clicking this button. For example, we introduce a graphics card, algorithm and take it into account. Then we close the computer. But! If we go back to Whatomin, we will see the most frequently introduced parameters in a moment. Accordingly, by clicking this button, you can accept it.
  • number. This is the main button to press after introducing all the source data.

Additional secrets of the main computer Cryptovaya Whatomine

Below you will see the following after all the windows and parameters.

In this wayThe system tells you that if you use a table that opens after all the source data has been introduced, you will find out how much profitable Altcoins will be for you compared to the Etherum. Care should be taken that the calculations are not 100% correct, they are made on the basis of average data.

But! If you read carefully the text that mentions main page service, you surely have a question - why exactly compared toEth.eerum» ?

Because there is a different classification on Whatomin!

As we can see we only checked the parameters for the GPU cards.

But besides them there are still ASIC calculators, new coins and all kinds of Cryptomir duets, if mines for mining are installed on the computer, say the ETH + SIA.

For example, the first data entry side for ASIC is as follows.

The algorithms are shown immediately.

Let's look at what Maja can be through each of them

  • SHA-256. Suitable for mining Zet, BTC, BCN, PPC, DEM.
  • Crooked Suitable for XVG, LTC, FLO, NLG.
  • X-11. This is Dash, XMCC, ONX, Start, CRM.
  • Quark. This qrk
  • Qubit. Again, this is just dgb.

Our mysterious inscription also occurred at this time. Now she informs us that we we can check how profitable is the maintenance of these or other altcoins in relation to bitcoins. Likewise this describes which types of ASIC are suitable for different algorithms.shown on the same page.

Calculation on WhatsTomine: How to use these calculations

OK, let's go back to the GPU and see what the data affects after entering all the parameters and counting (calculate button, don't forget?). We recommend considering the example so that it was completely clear.

So we take such dates

  1. NVIDIA GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card (in a quantity of 1 piece we enter the corresponding window).
  2. EquiHash algorithm.
  3. Kilowatts in the field " power“Automatically declared - it's an average of 90 watts.
  4. field Costs."Or the cost of kilowattas is left blank.
  5. The remaining settings are left behind by the original (this sorted and the mass filter, as well as the remaining settings as they are practically irrelevant).

What does that mean? About everything in the right order.

Let's look at the main values

  1. The name of the algorithm. In this case, ZCL, Zec and Zen occupied the first priority location in this case (except for the Selfhash-Equihash-Self-Officer).
  2. Time per unit. The next ZClassic unit can be found in 2 minutes and 36 seconds.
  3. Compensation for the device found. Accordingly, it is switched on in the ZCL this moment 12.5 TOCKEN. In dollars it will be 1714.3 USD.
  4. The complexity of the network. In ZCl the degree of complexity is 3,254,926,010. For example, if you want to do a solo mining, determine how much you can find a block with 100% finding the device based on the complexity of the network and your power. For this it is simply necessary that the complexity of the network is in your power.
  5. Network power. Remember the data that is only made available to the people who are currently available, it changes slightly with each other.
  6. The best reward. There is data in general and in the past 24 hours.
  7. Exchange rate. Here are the best exchange rates on various exchanges. As can be seen in the screenshot, the BitTrex American site is recognized as the best exchange point for ZCL.
  8. Capitalization. In this case, the capitalization of crypto towers is displayed, the data is accessed on the well-known CoinMarketCap resource.
  9. Profit / profitability. Here is the best profit you can get from mining one currency or another. For example, zclassic Cryptocurcy is recognized for our power as the best that makes $ 1.37 in 24 hours with ease.
  10. Time for a better income, profitability. For example, we see that with the ZCL mining for the current search for the blocks, our profitability will be 99%. If you get statistics in 24 hours, the profitability will drop to 91%. For 3 days it is 85%, in a week - 88%. Recall that the data is taken on the basis of many indicators.

Interesting Features of the Whatsomin You Didn't Know

Interestingly enough, the site has common parameters for counting, And Profit Doesn't End!

New KOINS: What a joke on Whatomine

The screenshot shows that we are now on the GPU tab. However, we can go to the Coins tab where such an image will be revealed.

There is a whole bunch of little-known coins that are interested in major at the expense of their low popularity.Why?

Yes, because the ethereum unit you are best when you can find good facilities for 1.5 years while the block of the same musicoin is in 1-2 days.

And in lower institutions! And the price of a block of such musical youngsters is about $ 5.5.

So let's go to Musicoin.

Here we see all the details about the presented crypto train.

Specifically, the algorithm for music is ethash, the block time is 14 seconds, its capitalization is a little more than $ 12 million, the daily trading volume is more than 11 bitcoins and other information.

From above, above the basic information, there is a Musicoin calculator window.

Here we can register your MHHERATE in MH / S (based on the NVIDIA GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card, it is 22.5 megahsh), watts, the electricity costs,% deducted from the PULA as commission as commission, maintenance costs (this is special actually for cloud mining).

We introduced our source data. So the Hesrayite gives our graphics card a rate of 22.5 mH / s. The amount of watts we introduced zero, the cost of electricity - also% of the commissions we didn't introduce, as well as service costs.

If we get a little lower, we will see the following.

On the day with such scenarios, we will earn 69 coins. One week - 484 coins. Per month - 2,075.

Generating all calculations in dollars we get the following amounts

  1. One day - $ 1.32.
  2. One week - $ 9.21.
  3. Per month - $ 39.46.

Directly below there are two exchanges where we can buy / sell this cryptocurrency

  1. Cryptopy.
  2. Bitrex.

Such parameters can be entered by any of the CryptoCurrency and find out for yourself exactly how much you can earn on the mining of certain tokens.

How To Calculate Mining 2 Cryptovalut On Whatsomine: Instructions

The Coins section goes to ETH +. This means that if you install special mountain leather programs, you can be two cryptocurrency at the same time. For example, let's take ETH + DCR.

Here too, the standard calculator window goes: hawkers, pool, costs and costs for the commission. The calculator also automatically sets a reward for the block, the complexity of the network, exchange rates.

We show the case 24 MH / s, 0 commission, 0 electricity costs, and learn that with such a mining system we will receive from 49.28 USD per month.

Whatsomine Site Service is interested in salvage for a number of reasons.

The first reason is a convenient choice for calculating the returns on cryptoacivals that can be insane.

The second reason is the ability to decide which coin is not subject.

Both options are well represented on the site, and how you use the Whatomine keep in mind.

To an ordinary person, the concept of mining and everything related to that segment seem like a few complicated and unrealistic measures. However, there is no need to rush to make such categorical conclusions. By the way, a good engineer in the factory also needs to know standard formulas and schemes that will be suitable in their field of activity. About the same standard is implemented in Whatomin implementation, just need to dive into the subject and then you will understand that it is an exciting and interesting version of thinking about additional income with the help.

Connect Aza on Whatsomine

The official website is presented on Whatsomine COM with the user presented with a detailed resource interface.

Whatsominin in Russian is unfortunately not available as the location is only in English.

To understand the main basic settings, we note all the options that the user needs while working.

  • Here are the names of the "red" graphics cards in our case, the AMD series.
  • In this part we specify the "green" graphics cards such as GPU.
  • The name of the algorithms. Each group of CryptoCurrency has its own algorithm that is coded under the keys, for example we have an active EquiHash key that allows mining Zec, ZCl, Zen, Silence and other positions. Keys need to be separated, and the blue active position indicates the algorithm we have chosen.
  • MOUNTRATE position, you can manually set your indicator which will be prescribed the number you want.
  • W- The number of watts used, this parameter is also required for the calculation formula.
  • Cost of kilowatt hours (daytime). It gives the information how much you output the electricity, the counting is done automatically.
  • Electricity costs. If you want to know the exact cost, you can enter the cost in this area and at the same time transfer the price of $ based on the data of your living area.
  • Additional sorting and filtering parameters, the choice is wide, the value is determined based on the requirements required. Examine this moment carefully as you count. Expand the drop-down window and select the appropriate parameter.
  • Here's the Counting In Sorting Cryptocurrency That Can Be Insane. It can be taken into account based on the daily volume. For example, for our occasion on EquiHash, you can set the maximum indicator in ˃100. In this case only 4 positions are available - ZCL, NiceHash-EquiHash, BTG.
  • Determine the level of complexity. Lots of options, but we recommend choosing volksabfrage"Current Complexity" For current required calculations.

Next steps to the Whatomine service

After filling in the source data, it is necessary to take the following actions.

  • Selection of exchanges for statistics. Here you can manage the option independently of each other, ie add-delete resources.
  • You can install a request to "favorite" services, and you can remove low-level services from analysis.
  • Reset to default. When you are reviewing the records or refining the parameters, you can click the button default settings. When you press this button, the service discards you in its original state.
  • ENTER. When you are confident in all the numbers, press the button Calculation..

When all required calculator fields are filled, this format of the warning appears in English at the bottom of the lower part!

Example message translation is:

The system therefore informs users that after the introduction of values ​​and source data, you will get the final results of the profitability of altcoins from comparison of S.. Attention! All counts are not 100% accurate, but only approximate. "

Many of you may have a fair question, and what is "Compared to Etherium"? The answer is very simple, we are now filling in the GPU data, but yet there is ASIC, Generation Coins New (we will tell about them below) as well as ETH + and others. By changing the value to the selected type of graphics card, a new information letter appears. For example, installing ASIC will show a warning that the final indicators will be compared to Bitcoin's profitability.

Sample calculation

We have learned about the main options and now consider the approximate number. Take to calculate the GPU map. Fill in all the main parameters:

  • The name of the graphics card and the amount, in our case, let it be 1 unit, name.
  • Algorithm Count - EquiHash.
  • The total number of kilowatts is set automatically. We have a value of 90 watts in the power supply.
  • Fill in the "Costs" field or leave it blank.
  • All the remaining settings will not touch, leaving the source, but if you are basic parameters then choose suitable for you.

Decoding of whatomine computer values

Additional service computer service for mining

A lot of help with the calculation costs for the mining industry. Briefly tell about some of them.

Service coins new.

We have an active work GPU tab, nearby you can open the tab "Coins new". I will explain what it is. Software payback may not be very soon.

Even if you find out, pretend the payment is no earlier than 1.5 years old. Exact time depends on the dynamics of growth in complexity and the course of crypto-currencies. Some other altcoins pay off faster, for 1-2 months, and there are those that give a larger return in a few hours, but again it depends on the current dynamics of the cryptocurcations course.

You can choose CryptoCurrency whichever you think will pay off faster. On the website we make the transition to the token symbol. All current information will be revealed before you. Everyone on the selection page has an identical Ethash algorithm (if you initially configured the service parameters). Next, you'll need to fill in the data similar to what we did over the GPU. After that, you will be issued a mining orientation for a specific currency.

The choice of mining two Kryptokurf for Whatsomin

The Mäderer can also use Whatsomin calculator to calculate two cryptocurrency at the same time.

Activate the windows with the "+" symbol in the work window of the site.

In our case we chose "ETH +". Select the appropriate option from the list. After that, the fields will appear in front of you, where you have to fill in all the information - Walser, the cost of electricity, the pool of the commission, the network complexity, the remuneration, etc. The calculation algorithm is similar to that for the previous cases. Furthermore, the computer makes a calculation for two cryptoacivals at the same time using predetermined parameters.

Crypto mining is one of the most interesting phenomena in the crypto industry. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are producing Cryptocurrency that the community brings and earns this to life. We wrote what will allow the newcomers to get a basic understanding of mining. For those who are already familiar with this concept and want to go deep into this topic, we advise articles " Everything about mining: ASIC, GPU and CPU "And" "After reading the recommended materials, many readers may have a question: How do you earn more?

Today we are going to tell you about one of the services it is designed to help you calculate the profitability of various devices and create a business plan.

tab Coins Allows you to choose one of the unknown cryptocurrency that is just beginning to gain popularity and get information about the project.

Sometimes analysis can bring serious dividends into the future.

With Whatomine it only remains determine the payback period and analyze the feasibility of investing in the mining equipment.

However, you shouldn't forget that the cost of cryptocurrency is very volatile, so Whatomin calculations become increasingly relevant as the planning horizon increases.