How can you copy your clipboard history?

Windows Windows 10: Open the clipboard - that's how it works


The Windows 10 clipboard is a memory in which files are temporarily saved with the key combination [Ctrl] + [c] or [Ctrl] + [X] in order to then copy them into the corresponding programs. Has one z. For example, if an image is saved on the clipboard, it can be pasted into programs such as Paint or IrfanView with the key combination [Ctrl] + [V]. Text elements can be converted into a text program such as B. Copy OpenOffice. You cannot open the clipboard itself. In the following, we will show you the tricks you can use to see what content is saved on the clipboard.

From Windows update 1809: Use multiple clipboards

With the Windows update to 1809, the multiple clipboard was introduced. This can be done via "Settings" > "system" > "Clipboard"can be activated and deactivated.

You can now open the history of the clipboard at any time with [Windows] + [V].

View items on the clipboard with Microsoft Office

With Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, you can see what items are on the clipboard. To do this, open one of the Microsoft Office programs and click on the little arrow in the lower right corner of the group "Clipboard"All of the content on the clipboard is displayed. You can easily insert elements from the clipboard into the Office document or delete them from the clipboard.


View items on the clipboard with additional software

There are numerous free and paid programs for Windows 10 on the market that will show you the contents of the clipboard. For example, you can view, manage and delete all content with the free Free Clipboard Viewer 3.0.

Use Windows 10's Cloud Clipboard

Windows 10's new Cloud Clipboard is a cloud-synchronized clipboard so that the copied items can be shared between multiple devices. So far, the Cloud Clipboard is still in the test version and is therefore only available to a few users. You can find more information about the Windows 10 Cloud Clipboard here.