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Separation: These are the signs that you can tell that you are not over him yet

There were times when you couldn't have imagined that the love between you would ever end or that you could ever be without him. Unfortunately, the love happiness does not last in every case and some of us have already had to deal with a breakup and the subsequent annoying heartache. In some moments, being out of love can feel like the end of the world. Nothing seems to make sense anymore and you just don't know how to ever get better or how to be happy again. The worst part is actually that the heartache doesn't go away after a few weeks, but rather it takes an eternity to get past the end of a relationship. Everything seems to remind you of the past time with your ex and to be connected to him. Even if we think that we are slowly gaining a foothold again, the thoughts of the ex can always sneak back into our heads. We've found some signs that can show you aren't over your ex yet. 🙊

1. You are still writing to him

It's just a short message to ask how he's doing ... You think so! But deep down you hope that you could become something again and therefore do not want the contact to break off. Even if you have broken up on good terms, it is important to give the other, and above all yourself, time to get over the separation. If both go their own way again, there is certainly nothing wrong with meeting each other for a coffee every now and then and talking about times gone by. But until then there should be radio silence! 👆🏼

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2. You still associate everything with him

All you need is the scent of your perfume and you're completely out of your mind. It's the little things of everyday life that make you think back to him again and again. Common places remind you of experiences with your ex, his favorite food, pieces of clothing that he liked to wear or films that you watched together, trigger a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. He just seems to be everywhere. Especially in the beginning, this feeling accompanies you every step of the way and proves that you are far from over your ex. At some point, however, this sensation will also subside and you will be able to look ahead again. 🤗

3. You compare every other man to him

Is distraction the best way to forget about the ex? Hardly likely! Any other man you meet while you are not over your ex will sooner or later be compared to him. In most cases, this happens completely unconsciously. Still, however, it will affect your judgment and cause you to shoot down your acquaintance again. So take your time and wait until you are really ready for something new again. 👫

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4. You are still reading his horoscope

It could be called a reflex that clearly reveals that you are not over your ex yet. When you open the newspaper and discover the weekly horoscope, you will not only read the wisdom under your zodiac sign, but also what the astrological signs reveal about your future. In the past, it was about finding out how your life together will turn out. Today you might be looking for signs of a love comeback. TActually, it's more of an act of desperation, which you should perhaps give up soonso as not to aggravate the heartache. 💔

5. You still think about him all the time

As soon as you close your eyes, his face is there and even at night he still follows you into your dreams. What could be clearer than this sign that tells you that you are still thinking of him. The first thing you do in the morning is to check WhatsApp to see when he was last online and in the evening you look at pictures of him as you fall asleep. It will take some time to get over this state of affairs after the breakup, but as the saying goes: time heals all wounds. 😘

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