What are the uses of a database

Database development

From database-based applications to complex databases, not only as an application for the web, but also for use in the company's internal network, there are many possible uses. Whether using sales systems, newsletter management or content management systems - a database connection is mandatory.

SimpleThings develops databases with proven standard technologies and frameworks such as PHP, MySQL , PostgreSQL, Oracle, Symfony, Zend Framework or Laravel.

Existing databases can be taken over and integrated into your new system. The SimpleThings team is also happy to assist you with the selection, provision, installation and maintenance of the required hardware and software components.

SimpleThings offers the following database services:

  • Conception of database architectures
  • Database development
  • Establishment and connection of database-supported systems
  • Implementation of online shop systems
  • Software development for desktop and web applications

Thanks to the so-called evolutionary prototyping, you will get quick results and have the opportunity to influence the development at any time. The high development speed gives you the opportunity to have extensions or adjustments made at short notice.

When developing software, SimpleThings attaches great importance to scalability, expandability and future security. If your requirements change, your application can be adapted to the new circumstances. Even a simple database application should be designed in such a way that it can be expanded into an enterprise application with an online database.