All homes have cockroaches

When the cockroaches come from the neighbor

In autumn, cockroaches are in high season. At least the species of wood cockroaches, which then find their way into houses on the outskirts or in the country. There the animals are often confused with the cockroach, also known as the cockroach, and cause excitement.

Iphigenie Jäger from the pest control company Esol is currently receiving "an extremely high number of inquiries" from people who fear a cockroach plague in their four walls after seeing such an animal. In contrast to the cockroach, forest cockroaches are harmless because they do not transmit diseases and die quickly indoors.

If the exterminators find an actual infestation by cockroaches, however, it is imperative to hurry: According to Jäger, the insects spread "explosively" in a house and are also notifiable in Vienna.

"Cockroaches are mainly an urban problem," says Rainer Barath from the pest control agent Anticimex. When cockroaches nest in an apartment, it is always a question of cleanliness and hygiene, because the animals feed on leftover food.

No home remedies for cockroaches

If an infestation is suspected, pest controllers check "typical hiding places", for example under the kitchen counter, under the sink and behind the refrigerator. Depending on how strong the infestation is, the neighbors' apartments - or the whole house - come into the focus of the exterminators.

The professionals then work with sprays or gel baits, explains Jäger. If you proceed professionally, these methods are safe for the residents and their pets. Barath says that it is possible to bridge the time until the exterminators are deployed with commercially available means. Often, however, the insects have already developed resistance. "In the long term, you won't get rid of cockroaches. These animals specialize in surviving." Whether a single treatment by exterminators is successful also depends on how severe the infestation is.

Real "cockroach houses" are also known in the industry, to which one is called up to six times a year. The vermin infestation is often played down there, says Barath: "If the residents are not ready to take the necessary steps, pest control will not help in the long term either."

Local on the ground floor

Often there are grocery stores or pubs on the ground floor in affected residential buildings, from which the cockroaches can get into the upper apartments - even in high-priced ones. "You should already know that when looking for an apartment," says Barath.

However, according to the pest control officer Jäger, pest control can be even more difficult with a cockroach that feels comfortable in canals and sewer shafts - and then gets out of the sewer into houses: "In the case of stubborn infestation, only sewer rehabilitation will help - and even there there is no guarantee of success." (zof, October 6, 2017)