Why is bathroom renovation important

Bathroom renovation: all you need to know about planning, costs and DIY!

Tired of the green tiles from the seventies in your bathroom? The poor lighting creates anything but a feeling of well-being when taking care of your body and you have long wanted a walk-in shower instead of the bathtub? Then the time has come to renovate your bathroom. In this article, bathroom specialist Thomas Fieber, among others, will tell you what costs you will incur in bathroom renovation, what you can tackle yourself and when the know-how of experts is indispensable.

Costs and planning of a bathroom renovation

Before starting more detailed planning and costing, you as a bathroom owner must first ask yourself whether only a few cosmetic defects in the bathroom should be removed or whether a complete renovation of the bathroom is desired. The repair of scratches in the bathtub, new fittings or the replacement of silicone grouting are associated with far less costs and effort than a professional renovation and redesign.

If the old bathroom furnishings are no longer up-to-date, renovation can help.

What are the costs of a bathroom renovation?

A bathroom renovation is expensive, no question about it. As a guideline for a complete renovation of the bathroom, around 2000-3000 euros per square meter are assumed (source). Even with a small bathroom, you can quickly invest 10,000 to 15,000 euros in the renovation. The conversion into a luxury bathroom can also cost around 25,000 to 35,000 euros. (Source)

It is important that you make a detailed list of the planned renovation measures in advance, from which the costs can then be calculated.

There are costs for a bathroom renovation:

  • Dismantling and disposal of old materials and equipment
  • Costs for new equipment, bathroom furniture and renovation material
  • Wages for craftsmen

Here you will find an example calculation of what the costs for a bathroom renovation are made up of.

Before renovating, it is important to plan and calculate exactly what is required.

Age-appropriate bathroom renovation: financial aid from KfW

For older people or households with people in need of care, it is important to keep the bathroom as barrier-free as possible. KfW-Bank supports private individuals with an age-appropriate renovation of the bathroom. This includes

  • changing the layout of the bathroom
  • creating a floor-level shower
  • the modernization of sanitary objects (toilets, sinks and bathtubs)

A barrier-free bathroom, for example with a floor-level shower, makes it easier for older people and those in need of care to use the bathroom.

Tips from the specialist: this is how you can save costs!

Bathroom planner Thomas Fieber knows everything about bathroom renovation.

On his blog Fliesenfieber, Thomas Fieber provides information about tiles, bathrooms and bathroom planning. The master tiler and bathroom planner has a few tips ready for us on how to save costs when renovating a bathroom:

“The highest cost factor are the sanitary products in the bathroom. There are differences in design, quality and price. "

It is therefore worthwhile to look carefully and compare when choosing sanitary products.

If you are not afraid of the effort, you can also tackle it yourself:

“Costs can also be saved when uninstalling the shower, bathtub and tearing off the tiles, if you want to do this yourself beforehand. Alternatively, you can lay the new tiles on top of the old tile covering, which saves time and money. "

And to protect yourself from a nasty surprise at the end of the renovation work, the bathroom planner advises:

"Agree on a fixed price with the specialist before starting the bathroom renovation."

What do I have to consider when planning a bathroom renovation?

Planning is the key to a successful bathroom renovation. Thomas Fieber advises contacting the relevant craftsmen at an early stage: “Because the trades involved also have to plan the time for the renovation of the bathroom. You should start planning three to five months in advance. "

The first overview: What do I want for my bathroom?

A luxury wellness oasis or a place inspired by Feng Shui? You can get an initial overview on the Internet and get suggestions there. At Hansgrohe we have discovered great ideas for the bathroom, from “modern” to “luxurious” to “natural”. Bathroom exhibitions are also helpful for orientation. As soon as you have an idea of ​​what you want to change in the bathroom and which aspects are particularly important, you can make the first appointments with the craftsmen.

The bathroom as a feel-good landscape with modern sanitary facilities: this is what many people wanting to renovate want.

Thomas Fieber knows what many customers value: Often it is a barrier-free shower, more shelf space and storage space, a brighter bathroom, a wall-mounted toilet and bidet or a more generous mirror surface. The first ideas of the customers then help the plumber and tiler with the later implementation. "

Not to be neglected: the right lighting!
Good lighting in the bathroom is an essential factor of wellbeing. Nothing is more annoying than putting on make-up or shaving in front of a poorly lit mirror in the morning. In the Concept2U shop we offer you a wide range of mirrors and mirror lights that make the bathroom a bright and friendly place and that are also of high quality.

Plan bathroom renovation online

Online tools for bathroom planning are also helpful. With these you can create a realistic draft of your dream bathroom. Thomas Fieber also offers its customers an online bathroom planner with which they can plan their bathroom in 3D in advance:

“The interested party enters their bathroom dimensions in the online bathroom planner, fills out the questionnaire and I continue planning the bathroom. The bathroom data can be transferred directly to my planning software and based on the questionnaire and an initial conversation on the phone, I have already found out what changes the customer would like. Then I can start planning the bathroom. "

Renovate the bathroom yourself

A complete renovation of the bathroom is not always necessary or useful. After some initial considerations and an estimate of costs, you may find that new tiles or a few minor renovations are all you need. You can also easily do this yourself.

Those who are skilled in their craft can do simple renovation work themselves.

Do-it-yourselfers can, for example

  • clean or replace the silicone joints. The first thing to do when renewing silicone grout is to very carefully remove the old silicone. You can find out how to do this here.
  • Touch up scratches in the bathtub. Scratches in the bathtub are not only unsightly, they can also lead to damage in the long term - so it is essential to mend scratches!
  • replace individual broken tiles. If you only want to change a single tile, you can easily do it yourself.
In our article DIY ideas for small bathrooms, we will reveal to you how you can visually enlarge a small bathroom with simple measures.

Complete renovation by specialists

A complete bathroom renovation is difficult to manage alone, even for an enthusiastic hobby do-it-yourselfer. It is helpful to draw on the specialist knowledge and skills of specialists, especially for more complex work such as installing underfloor heating or renewing the sanitary facilities.

A complete bathroom renovation should therefore be carried out by real experts, i.e. choose a master company. "One reason is the guarantee of the work carried out", says Thomas Fieber.

If you let professionals get to work, you also have the advantage that they carry out the bathroom renovation completely from planning to implementation and ensure that the specified time frame is adhered to. Craftsmen from specialist companies are moving forward with the remodeling of your bathroom quickly and cleanly. They also have years of experience and the necessary technical and manual know-how.

How to find a good provider for bathroom renovation
Thomas Fieber advises the selection of craft businesses: “If you have the opportunity to look at the supplier's finished work, you should do so. You can also ask neighbors, relatives or acquaintances about the craftsmen beforehand. Negative experiences often get around very quickly. The offers should include full details. The specification of services should not only consist of one or two sentences. If the specialist company does not make an effort to provide advice and the list of services is confusing - the next one please. "

Step by step to the new bathroom

Finally, we summarize the most important steps for a successful bathroom renovation for you:

Get inspiration:

Research on the Internet, at bathroom exhibitions, etc.

Ask questions:

What is my budget? Which changes are important to me? Would I like to lend a hand myself or leave the renovation entirely to professionals?

To plan:

  • Start planning 3-5 months before the start of the renovation, e.g. with the help of an online bathroom planner
  • Contact the craftsman
  • Calculate costs and, if necessary, adapt wishes to the existing budget

Place Order:

  • Choose a master company so that the renovation is carried out in a technically sound manner
  • Feel free to compare several offers, also ask friends for recommendations.
  • As soon as you have found the right provider, you can place the order for bathroom renovation. It is best to agree a fixed price in advance!

We hope this article has helped you. We wish you every success with your bathroom refurbishment or renovation! Do you have questions? Remarks? Own experiences? Leave us a comment!

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