Why does Justin Trudeau have false eyebrows?

The net goes crazy: does Canada's Trudeau have false eyebrows?


If the Canadian Prime Minister's eyebrows even have their own Twitter account, they seem special.

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«Left and right eyebrows of the most well-groomed Prime Minister in Canadian history. 100 percent real human hair - organically grown. " This is how Justin Trudeau's eyebrows are described on her own Twitter page.

The fact that they even got a social media account is related to this: The authenticity of the hair is questioned by some users. Evidence is provided:

This user is also convinced that Justin Trudeau raised false eyebrows in his speech after the G7 summit:

Later, a tweet on “Trudeau's Eyebrows” page causes confusion: “Just so you know, it's true: Justin Trudeau wears false eyebrows and takes great care of them most of the time. But he was a little intimidated by Donald Trump, so that the glue that holds the eyebrows loosened through the sweat. "

“Trudeau's Eyebrows” cannot resist referring to the US punitive tariffs: “I bet that Donald Trump would like to have fake, bushy eyebrows like we do. Unlucky Donald. Justin's tariffs will also affect all Canadian-made eyebrows and mustaches. Ha. Take that."

Back to the question of whether the Prime Minister's eyebrows are real or not: A user wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and compared Trudeau's eyebrows over the years. He found that the lower part of the eyebrow grows thicker than the rest. "So it looks like a false eyebrow is falling down."