How do you say can't in spanish

Translation of "he can't" in spanish

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But he can not fight the tax authority.
Pero no puede luchar contra la Oficina de Hacienda.
Tried to look away, but he can not.
Intenta mirar para otro lado, pero no puede.
I bet, he can not fishing.
Hoyt says he can not get close to Beecher.
He knows, he can not give up.
I love him, however he can not let go.
Hurry, he can not breathe yourself.
Ramus is sure, however he can not stay there long.
Ramus está a salvo, pero no puede esperar.
But he can not be far...
But he can not live forever.
But he can not back home.
But he can not stop, non.
But he can not picnicking alone with a lady.
No puede ir a un picnic con una jovencita a solas.
Brodski's is still alive, however he can not walk alone.
Hay chicos. Brodski aún esta vivo, pero Rowan no puede moverlo por si sola.
My babysitter, he can not to die.
Tell him, he can not just run away like that.
He says, he can not be unprotected.
But he can not alive out of here.
No, he can not talk to him.
My babysitter, he can not to die.
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