How long should calves have milk?

In the stable and in the pasture

How are piglets neutered?

Since 2010, the surgical castration of piglets has only been permitted under anesthesia and with pain treatment at Bioland. Immunocastration - a vaccination that is carried out using a syringe - is not permitted at Bioland.

Is the crate stand allowed at Bioland?

Basically, Bioland relies on free farrowing without any restraint of the sows. Most farrowing places no longer have any fixing devices. A short-term fixation of so-called problem sows that behave aggressively is allowed to protect the piglets and the care staff. A maximum of 48 hours applies. Usually, eight to ten days before farrowing, highly pregnant sows are moved into a single box that is at least 10 square meters in size with an outdoor area.

Can honey really be organic?

There are strict regulations that organic beekeepers must adhere to. Among other things, only natural materials and agents may be used for the hives, diseases may only be treated with organic acids. The smoking materials used to calm the bees must be made from natural materials.
You cannot keep bees in a fenced-in pasture. Nevertheless, there are ways to guarantee "as much organic as possible": At Bioland, beehives must be set up in such a way that no sources of pollution that could impair honey quality are to be expected within a 3 km radius. If in doubt, the honey products must be examined. If the hives are in agricultural areas, they must be farmed ecologically.