Psychiatry is becoming obsolete

Specialist group codes according to the further training regulations of the Federal Medical Register.

This code system defines the following codes:

codeDisplay001General practitioner; obsolete002Doctor obsolete010FA General Medicine020FA anesthesiology022FA in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy; obsolete030FA ophthalmology040FA surgery; obsolete041TG Pediatric Surgery; obsolete042SP Trauma Surgery; obsolete043SP vascular surgery; obsolete044TG Plastic Surgery; obsolete045TG thoracic and cardiovascular surgery; obsolete046SP thoracic surgery; obsolete047TG cardiovascular surgery; new federal states; obsolete048SP Visceral Surgery; obsolete050FA gynecology and obstetrics060FA ear, nose and throat medicine061SP Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology; obsolete062TG Audiology; new federal states; obsolete063TG phoniatrics; new federal states; obsolete070FA skin and venereal diseases080FA Internal Medicine081SP Gastroenterology; obsolete082SP cardiology; obsolete083SP Pneumology; obsolete084SP Endocrinology; obsolete085TG hematology; obsolete086SP Nephrology; obsolete087SP Rheumatology; obsolete088TG diabetology; new federal states; obsolete089TG infection and tropical medicine; new federal states; obsolete090FA Pediatrics; obsolete091SP Pediatric Cardiology092TG Child Neuropsychiatry; new federal states; obsolete093SP Neonatology094TG Pediatric Gastroenterology; new federal states; obsolete095TG Pediatric Hematology; new federal states; obsolete096TG Pediatric Nephrology; new federal states; obsolete097TG Pediatric Lung and Bronchial Medicine; new federal states; obsolete098TG Pediatric Rheumatology; new federal states; obsolete099TG Children's Diabetology; new federal states; obsolete100FA Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; obsolete102FA child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy110FA Laboratory Medicine111FA Microbiology and Infection Epidemiology; obsolete112TG microbiology; obsolete120FA pulmonologist; obsolete125FA gastric doctor; obsolete130FA oral and maxillofacial surgery131FA Oral Surgery; obsolete140FA Neurology; obsolete141FA Psychiatry; obsolete142FA Neurology143Psychotherapeutic doctor (obs.)144Psychotherapeutic doctor (additional designation)145FA Neurology and Psychiatry; obsolete146TG Child Neuropsychiatry; new federal states; obsolete147FA Psychiatry and Psychotherapy148FA Psychotherapeutic Medicine; obsolete149FA Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychotherapy; chamber-specific; obsolete150FA Neurosurgery160FA Orthopedics; obsolete161SP rheumatology (the former orthopedics); obsolete170FA Pathology171TG Neuropathology; obsolete180FA Pharmacology and Toxicology181TG Clinical Pharmacology; obsolete190FA Radiology (old (M-) WBO); obsolete191TG radiation therapy; obsolete192TG Neuroradiology; obsolete194FA Radiological Diagnostics; obsolete195FA Diagnostic Radiology; obsolete196SP Pediatric Radiology197SP Neuroradiology199FA Radiotherapy and Radiological Diagnostics; obsolete200FA Urology210FA occupational medicine220FA in nuclear medicine230FA Public Health240FA forensic medicine250FA Hygiene and Environmental Medicine271FA Neuropathology281FA Clinical Pharmacology291FA Radiotherapy301FA anatomy302FA Biochemistry303FA transfusion medicine304FA Pediatric Surgery305Medical genetics306Medical informatics307Pathological physiology308FA Physiology309FA Physiotherapy; new federal states; obsolete310FA Psychotherapy; new federal states; obsolete311FA Social Hygiene; new federal states; obsolete312FA Sports Medicine; new federal states; obsolete313FA cardiac surgery314FA Human Genetics315FA Immunology; new federal states; obsolete317Physiological chemistry320SP thoracic surgery; obsolete321SP Echocardiology of vessels near the heart; obsolete322FA Plastic Surgery324Phoniatrics and Pediatric Audiology; obsolete326SP Angiology; obsolete327SP hematology and internal oncology obsolete328SP Geriatrics (Internal Medicine); (before 2003 in the BÄK sample WBO); obsolete330FA Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine340FA doctor for child and adolescent medicine; chamber-specific; obsolete341FA Pediatric Medicine342FA Pediatric Medicine; chamber-specific; obsolete343FA Pediatrician; chamber-specific; obsolete344FA specialist in paediatrics and adolescent medicine; chamber-specific; obsolete350Biomathematics351biophysics352History of medicine353Industrial toxicology354Clinical radiation physics355Medical science information356Medical physics and biophysics357FA Experimental and Diagnostic Microbiology; new federal states; obsolete358Specialized biology in medicine359Dentist specializing in microbiology360Specialist dentist for maxillofacial surgery (§ 6 Abs. 1 BMV)361Specialist dentist for theoretical-experimental medicine371Specialist in chemistry and laboratory diagnostics372Genetics specialist373Specialist in immunology374Specialist in cytology / histology470Psychological psychotherapist471Child and adolescent psychotherapist500FA Industrial Hygiene; new federal states; obsolete501FA blood donation and transfusion medicine; chamber-specific; obsolete502FA hygiene; chamber-specific; obsolete503SP Infectious Diseases; chamber-specific; obsolete504TG lung and bronchial medicine; obsolete505SP Infectious Diseases; chamber-specific; obsolete506FA Pathological Anatomy; chamber-specific; obsolete510FA General Surgery; obsolete511FA vascular surgery512Specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery513FA thoracic surgery514FA Visceral Surgery515SP Gynecological Oncology516SP Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine517SP Special Obstetrics and Perinatal Medicine518FA speech, voice and hearing disorders in children520Specialist in internal and general medicine (family doctor)521Specialist in internal medicine and (SP) angiology522FA Internal Medicine and (SP) Endocrinology and Diabetology523Specialist in internal medicine and (SP) gastroenterology524FA Internal Medicine and (SP) Hematology and Oncology525Specialist in internal medicine and cardiology526Specialist in internal medicine and (SP) nephrology527Specialist in internal medicine and (SP) pulmonology528Specialist in internal medicine and (SP) rheumatology529TG Cardiology and Angiology; chamber-specific; obsolete530SP Children's Hematology and Oncology531SP Neuropaediatrics532FA Microbiology, Virology and Infection Epidemiology533SP Forensic Psychiatry534FA Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy535FA Radiology (new (M-) WBO)536SP Children's endocrinology and diabetology, chamber-specific537SP pediatric gastroenterology, chamber-specific538SP child nephrology, chamber-specific539SP Pediatric Pneumology, chamber-specific540FA Internal Medicine and SP Overall Internal Medicine541FA Internal Medicine and SP Geriatrics; chamber-specific542FA Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery543SP Endocrinology and Diabetology; chamber-specific, obsolete544Specialist in general surgery545TG Nephrology; obsolete546SP Plastic Surgery547SP Geriatrics (General Medicine); chamber-specific548SP Geriatrics (Internal Medicine); chamber-specific (since 2013 in WBO of LÄK RLP)549SP Geriatrics (Neurology); chamber-specific550SP Geriatrics (Psychiatry); chamber-specific551TG Endocrinology; obsolete552TG gastroenterology; obsolete553TG cardiology; obsolete554TG Rheumatology; obsolete555FA Dermatology and Venereology; obsolete556TG trauma surgery; obsolete