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Translation of "you are in reality" in English

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But in reality you are gentle as a lamb.
But in reality you are just the shark.
But in reality you are just an interplay of elements or a collection of changing groups of existence.
But you are really only a combination of elements or a group of changing aggregates.
But I know, in reality you are a real hero.
You call yourself a hero, but in reality you are only a shooter for sale.
In reality you are probably happier alone.
In reality you are mad at yourself.
In reality you are came for Chou-heung
But, infact you come here for courting Chou-heung.
In reality you are noticeably hotter when you're not killing someone.
In reality you are already completely unknown to you.
Aren't you already completely unknown to yourself?
On the outside, you're that big, tough FBI agent, but in reality you are like me ... difficult to assess, just like Tommy was.
On the outside, you're this big, tough FBI guy, but really you're just like me ... unpredictable, like Tommy was.
And you, you might look like a wallflower, but in reality you are the secret mastermind.
Now, you, you might be the wallflower, but you're obviously the Meyer Lansky behind this organization.
You pretend to me all the time about being a good friend, and in reality you are one of them.
You represent a good friends, but you're one of them!
In reality you are namely primitive.
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