What are some good conversations about ease of use

The usability of a website is crucial to your web success. Good usability can positively influence the decision of new visitors, i.e. potential customers, and set you apart from the competition with your website or online shop.

Usability, in German usability and user-friendliness, influences the experience and enjoyment of using a website. These factors are of decisive importance in the web environment and are developing more and more into a competitive factor in order to successfully place a web project on the market. The big players like Google, Amazon and Co. are showing the way and educating their web users in the same breath. A web user expects the same performance and quality of results from a search as with Google. This claim is of course completely exaggerated, but it illustrates this situation quite well, because web users rarely associate a poor or only sufficiently usable website with a positive experience.

User experience & usability optimization in focus

We support you so that visitors to your website become customers or that visitors do what they want. The aim is to optimize or improve the usability and enjoyment of your website, so that visitors associate your website with a positive experience and your web project becomes competitive. We put users at the center of the development and optimization process of a web project. Because the user of your website decides about the success.

Usability describes the optimization of the user interface of your online project to increase the conversion rate. This represents an effective measure to increase sales. Attention Analytics can be used as the basis, the findings of which are implemented in usability optimization in reality.

Your websites, landing pages and newsletters now only have a few seconds to convince users of an offer. With an attention analysis, you can immediately see what users perceive or ignore at these crucial moments. Thanks to state-of-the-art neurotechnology, you do not need a test person or an IT department for conversion optimization: Based on the attention analysis of your project and its results, you will be able to significantly improve functionality and usability.

Optimal attention-grabbing guarantees you maximum sales. In a few seconds.