What is EV training in Pokemon

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Guide: Everything you need to know about EV training and where to find good training locations

EV training is essential to get your Pokémon fit for competitive battles or to assert yourself in the battle tower. A Pokémon with EV training is significantly stronger than another Pokémon of the same type and level. EVs can be earned in different ways. We introduce them to you.

If you have your Pokémon in Pokémon sword and shield want to strengthen on a competitive level, then you can't avoid EV training. EVs (Effort Values ​​- also called Fleißpunkte or FP for short) are bonus status values ​​and can be earned in various ways. We explain to you what you have to do to increase the potential of your pocket monsters.

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Earn EVs to empower your Pokémon

A Pokémon can get up to 510 EVs. 4 EVs are equivalent to one status point. So it would be best if you equip two status values ​​with the maximum possible EVs (252 - technically speaking, actually 255, but that cannot be divided by 4) and shift the remaining EVs to a third value. In detail, this is different for each Pokémon - depending on where its strengths lie. With a Togekiss, for example, it would make sense to increase Initiative and Special Attack if you play it offensively. If, on the other hand, you prefer a defensive Togekiss, then maximize your initiative and HP.

Through targeted EV training, a Pokémon becomes significantly stronger than another Pokémon of the same type and at the same level.

EV training with wild Pokémon

EVs can be earned by fighting wild Pokémon. However, they have to be very specific Pokémon. In the following list we tell you which Pokémon bring which EVs and where the respective training locations are.

Each defeated Pokémon brings you an EV for a certain status value. The training turns out to be quite slow, but at least it brings you the bonus values.


  • Raffel (1 EV) - Route 1


  • Klopptopus (1 EV) - Route 9


  • Clone Chain (1 EV) - Route 3

Special attack:

  • Gelatini (1 EV) - natural zone (snow)
  • Gelatroppo (2 EV) - nature zone (snow)

Special Defense:

  • Keradar (2 EV) - Giant's hat
  • Cottini (1 EV) - Route 1, Route 2


  • Galar-Zigzachs (1 EV) - Route 2, Route 3
  • Meikro (1 EV) - Route 2
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EV training with items

Nutrients increase the respective EVs by 10. However, they are also quite expensive. Nutrients can be purchased in Score City for 10,000 Pokédollars each or in Claw City for 2 GP each.

  • KP: KP plus
  • Attack: protein
  • Special attack: calcium
  • Defense: iron
  • Special Defense: Zinc
  • Initiative: Carbon

Power items

If you give a Pokémon one of the following power items to wear, it receives 8 EVs instead of just 1 EV when it defeats a Pokémon. You can get these items for every 10 GP in Claw City.

  • KP: Weight of power
  • Attack: ripe for power
  • Defense: power belt
  • Special Attack: Power Lens
  • Special Defense: Power Tie
  • Initiative: chain of power

The power items can be purchased for 10 GP each in Claw City.


On route 5, feathers can be picked up from the floor of the bridge. Similar to the nutrients, they increase the EVs of a certain status value. A spring brings an EV point. There is no limit to how many feathers you can give a Pokémon. If the respective status value is not yet maximized or the highest possible EV number has been reached, you can achieve additional effects with the feathers.

  • KP: healing spring
  • Attack: power spring
  • Defense: defense spring
  • Special attack: Genius pen
  • Special Defense: Esprit Pen
  • Initiative: Swift Feather

EV training with PokéJobs

On any PC, you can open the menu for PokéJobs and let Pokémon complete various tasks while you continue your adventure. So you don't have to be present all the time for these assignments. From Claw City you have the opportunity to do EV training through PokéJobs. 6 different jobs are available for this (depending on the status value).

You can send up to 10 Pokémon to a job at the same time and they will get EV for it on their own. More precisely, there are 4 EV points per hour for the selected value. After 24 hours, the Pokémon have earned 96 EVs and can be picked up as required (or left there for longer for more EVs).

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