How much does your product cost

PricingHow do I find the right price?

What does the price actually refer to? In the case of physical products, this is usually clear. They sell a toy car and set the price per piece. But what about an app or software? Here it makes a difference whether you bill the purchase of a license or the usage time in minutes.

Don't be too optimisticas far as the assessment of the demand is concerned. It may be that the need for your product or service is there. But it would be too much of a good thing to assume with a swell of pride that your product will sell well right from the start, only to start building on it at a high price.

But don't be too timid either. Especially in highly competitive markets, many go in with a very low price to attract customers. But make sure that you do not maneuver yourself into disproportionality with a view to the cost of ownership. Otherwise everything turns out to be negative business.

Nothing is set in stone. Do you notice that your calculation is not paying off? Then just calculate.

Confusion of numbers? Then use the expertise of experienced experts. You first get an overview of your in-house operations, production processes and your revenue model, so that you can then work with you to profitably calculate products, services and projects.