Vegans desire to eat smoked salmon

Veggie Report: Almost six percent are vegetarian or vegan

Vienna - In the land of Wiener Schnitzel, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle remains a minority program. In an online survey by, 5.7 percent of those questioned stated that they had a meat-free or even animal-free diet.

A third of them live in Vienna, only 3.6 percent in Vorarlberg. 64.6 percent have a Matura or university degree. Almost half (45.6 percent) say they never crave those foods that they do not want to eat. 92 percent find their diet easy. The most difficult to remove from the menu are cheese (9.7 percent) and bacon (9.1 percent). This is followed by chicken, schnitzel and sausage, each with 8.1 percent.

Factory farming as the main motive

The main motive for a change in diet is primarily factory farming (almost two thirds), with health being more important to men than women (24.5 versus 33.1 percent). Six out of ten are very strict with their diet, but one in ten does not have a strict attitude towards their own criteria and makes exceptions. Eating out is the most striking disadvantage for both vegetarians and vegans (60.6 percent).

39 percent find meat-free "substitute products" such as tofu sausages or seitan burgers an enrichment - men far more than women (23.8 versus 16 percent). However, 14 percent never consume such foods. When shopping for groceries, you pay less attention to the price, but the majority (87 percent) of the products come from the supermarket. To prevent possible deficiency symptoms, 83.3 percent of vegans and 52 percent of vegetarians take vitamin B12 food supplements.

Two thirds of vegetarians and 84.8 percent of vegans see a better way of life, health (62.6 and 78.8 percent) and resource conservation as the most decisive advantages. (APA, August 24, 2017)

The market and opinion research institute conducted 522 online interviews on its own initiative at the end of April / beginning of May on a meat-free diet.