What is special about the Czech Republic

Country info: Czech Republic (or Czech Republic)

The Czech Republic, in Eastern Central Europe, has only existed since 1993. Before that, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were one country, Czechoslovakia. The Czech Republic is surrounded by many forests and mountains. In the mountains there are still rare animals such as the wolf and the lynx.
In the west, the Bohemian Forest and the Ore Mountains border Germany. In the north, on the border with Poland, is the Giant Mountains. There is the highest mountain in the country, the Schneekoppe.
The inland is hilly, there are many lakes, large rivers and dense forests. The soils of the valleys are very fertile and are used to grow vines and hops.
In the Czech Republic there are many places called Karl, named after King Charles IV, e.g. B. Charles University, Charles Square and the famous Charles Bridge in Prague with its many stone figures.

From Berlin to the capital Prague it is - in a straight line - 260 km.


In the west of the country, the climate is predominantly maritime, with more balanced temperatures. Towards the east it becomes increasingly continental, the summers are warm and the winters quite cold. In the Bohemian Basin and the plains there is less rainfall, they are protected by the Slovak mountains.


There used to be many dishes that were also popular here and in Austria, such as cabbage, mushrooms, roast meat, pancakes, plum dumplings. This preferred hearty home-style meal has given way to a healthier diet over the past ten years. Instead of rich dishes and fatty sauces, the Czechs now prefer lean meat and vegetables.

Family and greetings

In the cities, newly married couples often live with their parents because of the housing shortage. They feel responsible for their children until they are financially independent. In return, the adult children look after their parents in old age.
It is common for expensive items, like a car or a vacation home, to be shared by parents and children for years.
The usual greetings include Tesi me - Nice to see you or dobrý den - Good day. To say goodbye you have the choice between Well shledanou (formal) or the more informal Cau. Ahoy use like Hello or Bye. A.uf Dekuji - Thank-you answer with Prosim - please with the meaning of No problem, you're welcome.


The Barrandov film studios are among the largest and most renowned film studios in Europe. The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival takes place every year. Well-known directors from the country (e.g. Miloš Forman - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Jan Svěrák - Kolya, Jiří Menzel - Love According to the Schedule) received coveted Oscars for their productions. The interior shots for “Drei Hazelnuts für Cschenbrödel” were also shot in the Barrandov Studios.

freetime and sports

Many Czechs own weekend houses with small gardens or cultivate a piece of land in an allotment garden colony on the outskirts.
Popular leisure activities include hiking, camping, swimming in the lake, and picking berries and mushrooms. In addition to football, a lot of ice hockey is played in the Czech Republic. Since the countless seas often freeze over in winter, the children learn to skate at an early age and race after their puck with wooden clubs in their hands.

Weird and Funny

  • Prague clock: The astronomical clock on Prague City Hall was made in 1410. The interlocking disks show the phases of the sun and moon. It has been running continuously since 1572.
  • Say from the Czech Republic: Bez práce nejsou koláče -Without work, no cake. The saying means that if you don't work, you shouldn't eat anything. The German equivalent is: Without diligence, no price.
  • Dancing House: The Dancing House (Czech: Tančící dům) is the nickname of an office building built in 1996 in Prague. It is reminiscent of a dancer in a glass pleated dress who leans closely against a man in a hat. For this reason, it is also often called Ginger and Fred (after the American actors and dancers Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire).


Blue stands for the mountains and the sky, red for the spilled blood and white for the peaceful future.