Is fraud allowed in IGNOU

The AAP claims irregularities in IGNOU exams

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The Aam Aadmi Party Chhattisgarh unit has alleged mass of irregularities in the conduct of the investigation for Indira Gandhi National Open University, claiming that the question papers and answer sheets are for those who pay money at least a day before the tests . At a press meeting Friday, Anil Singh Baghel, a whistleblower related to AAP, showed a paper question and answer sheet claiming that you are asking for a BA exam should take place that afternoon.

“I had the papers for the exams held on December 1st and 7th in advance as well. This is a calibrated scam that ensures that those who have money get ahead of the exam for India's largest university, ”he said.

Baghel said that he came to know this “scam” in 2015 and a year later he enrolled in the BA to get proof. “So if you don't pass your exams you get a call for. Ask for Rs 10,000 for a paper, after which an answer sheet and a paper question will be delivered to you the day before the exam, ”he said.

The AAP also claims that once a student enters the examination hall, he can take the answer sheet, already filled in, with his front pages blank, and send it to the supervisors. A Chhattisgarh-based IGNOU official said, "The matter will be looked into."

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