Do we have to masturbate?

When masturbation becomes a problem

Last update: 20th September, 2018

Sexuality is a colorful world full of practice, self-knowledge and satisfaction. Masturbation is part of this world and profitable for us in different ways. There are many myths about them, but reality has nothing to do with these false claims.

Masturbation is not a selfish, immoral act and is not only practiced by singles. Anyone who is sexually mature can satisfy themselves. Whether you have a partner or are sexually independent, masturbation is healthy.

However, masturbation is the same as alcohol consumption. A glass or two of wine a day can be healthy, but drinking a bottle of wine a day is likely to cause stomach aches, problems in everyday life, and even become an alcoholic.

"Virtue is a freely chosen intermediate state between two evils: deficiency and excess."


I can't stop masturbating to myself

For most, masturbation is healthy and recommended. In general, there is a lot of masturbation, which does not burden everyday life and even helps to relieve pressure. However, not everyone experiences masturbation this way.

In some cases, masturbation can take control of someone's life and become an addiction. You spend the day and hours longing for the moment to be undisturbed. They change plans and routines to have intimate moments with themselves and that causes them problems.

“I satisfy myself at least six times a day, but if I use toys it can happen more often and that can turn into twelve times a day, maybe every half hour. I lost eight jobs to my addiction, and some of them were pretty good jobs, but I had to leave when they suspected them. "

From the documentary "No puedo parar de masturbarme" (in German: I can't stop pleasuring myself)

Sometimes problems arise because of the frequency of masturbation. The more often you satisfy yourself every day, the more the body can suffer and masturbation can even cause pain. In other cases the problems arise from changes in routine and everyday life. For example, they can no longer pursue their activities or stay away from work more often due to the need to satisfy themselves.

When life gets too much for us

Through masturbation, we release pressure and gain satisfaction. Some people also use them to reduce the anxiety and stress they are experiencing in their life. In this way they feel joy and are only for themselves, what they often lack in everyday life.

“The pain was unbearable and I resorted to the best pain reliever I knew: masturbation. I isolated myself. For me this started a time when I masturbated a lot. I satisfied myself between 10 and 15 times a day. (...) Masturbation and fantasies were the only way to endure this painful reality and fear of failure. "

The addiction to masturbation (story by Josué). Ramiro Calderón

More masturbatory periods usually occur during difficult times, For example, in the event of personal crises, relationship problems, during pregnancy or if the workplace is overburdened. This problem aggravates all the difficulties, as those affected get deeper and deeper into a maze from which it is difficult to find a way out.

Break your silence

Masturbation is still a taboo subject. Sufferers usually face the problem of excessive masturbation with themselves, feel ashamed and alone because they cannot share their experience with others.

To get rid of this discomfort, home remedies, advice from friends or exercises are sometimes used, but these have no effect or can even be harmful. Trying to find a solution to this problem and finding that you fail can add to the fear and make the problem worse.

It is healthy and recommended to self-gratify, but for some people and in difficult life situations it can become a problem for which a solution must be found. If you keep thinking about masturbating, it will lead to physical problems in the long run or it will limit your life. Exactly for this reason you should break your silence right now and seek the help of a specialist.

"Addiction does not look for problems and corrects them: it lets them arise out of nothing, nourishes them and makes them stronger."

From the film "Un paso en falso" (in German: a misstep) by Harlan Coben

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