Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz had a mediocre Super Tuesday at best. Overall, no chance against Donald Trump, but at least with victories in Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska. He is unlikely to win in Florida. There, 38 percent suspect Cruz is the Zodiac killer. For this, Cruz has a new slogan: "I Need a Bogel for the Glotch."

Phew Take a deep breath first. So what is it about? It's actually quite simple: about viral side effects of the American election campaign that are even more silly than the debates, candidates or election results themselves. But in an entertaining and funny way rather than a depressing and frightening way.

Let's start at the beginning. Between 1968 and 1969 five people were murdered in the San Francisco area. The perpetrator named himself Zodiac in several encrypted letters that he sent to newspapers. To date, the messages have not been fully deciphered, and the serial killer has not been caught. The case inspired several film adaptations, most notably David Fincher's 2007 adaptation in which Jake Gyllenhaal played the Zodiac.

That the series of murders has not lost its fascination even after 48 years is shown by the example of Ted Cruz (by the way, only 46 years old). Where and why did the absurd rumor originate? Who knows that exactly? After all, you shouldn't crawl into every rabbit hole. However, our research shows that Ted Cruz is almost certainly not the Zodiac killer. Now that the rumor has been sown, let's just unabashedly reap its fruits.

You can find them on Twitter. Because this is one of those cases in which the overwhelming burden of proof speaks a different, more flowery language than the banality of the factual.

Ted Cruz was born in CALGARY. The Zodiac Killer's first two victims were named CAL and GARY. #ZodiacTed

- zeppo wilbury (@ZeppoWilbury) January 20, 2016

the alternate version of @ tedcruz's campaign logo (used in midwest states) - notice anything? # TedCruz # / VDu8fhIbV3

- MAX IM A KOOPA (@meakoopa) February 20, 2016

Definitive proof. # TedCruz # / Yc0JaLxUtY

- Florestablishment ™ (@DeniseFlores) February 24, 2016

I'm just asking questions

- Patrick Monahan (@pattymo) February 22, 2016

if this isn't proof, I don't know what is # / KSEUiizWDl

- Himadri (@ baesil1sk) March 1, 2016

The opinion research institute Public Policy Polling - apparently not averse to questions outside the norm - put the Internet rumor in the US state of Florida to the test. The result is gratifying: a full 38 percent of those surveyed believe it is entirely possible that Senator Ted Cruz is the Zodiac killer. Ten percent were even firmly convinced that the Harvard Law graduate used to move on the wrong side of the law. A result that the German observer of American politics should especially reassure when he recalls the important role the swing state usually plays in the main election.

Anyway, further on in the text. Those who have not had enough of the Cruz-Zodiac-Connection should read the following reading: "Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer: A Time Travel Romance". At this point, however, it is time to turn to another network topic regarding Cruz. On March 1, a video surfaced that puts the Republican in a new light. Apparently Cruz eats human hair with relish from time to time, vomits repeatedly on the beach and is betrayed by his wife Heidi. Everyone is welcome to decide for themselves whether that makes the Texan senator more unsympathetic:

The video comes from the anonymous YouTuber “Bad Lip Reading”, who has also dealt with the presidential elections in the past and, in addition to absurd slogans, even put songs in the mouths of the candidates. The motto “I Need a Bogel for the Glotch” doesn't make any tangible sense, by the way, very similar to his previous slogan “Reigniting the Promise of America”. Ted Cruz is the first politician in this year's US election campaign to be honored with a full video. How much he can enjoy it is unclear. In addition to the election defeat against Trump and the persistent Zodiac rumor, all in all there is not a good week for the Republican. After all, in an emergency, he falls back on a degree from the prestigious Harvard University and did not enjoy his education at Trump University.