How can I learn the PR strategy

public relationsConvince customers with the right specialist article strategy

The specialist article has been written, published and the author looks proud of his work. But that wasn't it for a long time. The next and last step is to inform potential and existing customers about the publication (s) on various channels. Because not everyone regularly surfs through all the online portals in question or has several specialist magazines at hand or has subscribed to them. Now it's about Article Marketing to promote his contribution and, ultimately, his company and the services offered.

1. Press information: content for your own website

It is advisable to provide information about the publications of specialist articles on your own website in a press section. The reason: website visitors can get an impression of the Know-how of the author and see in which media the contributions have already been published.

There are several options for presenting the published articles: either a link to the respective medium in which the specialist article was published, or a PDF document that can be downloaded or printed out. A combination of both variants has the advantage that interested parties can get an impression of the respective medium, while at the same time they can download and print out the article relatively easily as a separate PDF document.

A press section that is up to date and regularly filled with content contributes to one positive public image at. The advantages that result in relation to search engines should also be considered when placing a specialist article in a press section. If the technical article contains the relevant keywords, the chances increase that potential customers will become aware of the website and pay the author a visit.

2. Customer loyalty: content for newsletters

The focus of professional public relations work is also on business partners who, for example, are informed about news or studies in a certain industry or developments in the company via a regular newsletter. Here comes the too Technical article as a suitable PR tool. As part of the newsletter, he helps that Image of the author as a competent expert build and maintain. The goal: The actual products or services are credibly supported by the author's know-how through specialist articles in newsletters.

It is understandable that a technical article takes a reasonable amount of time to create. For this very reason, however, it is particularly suitable as part of a newsletter. Because, as with the newsletter itself, less is often more with a specialist article. High quality content Convince potential customers more easily than quickly written down that remains on the surface. Just like the sending of a weekly newsletter, from which it can be read that the topic was found under enormous time pressure - and that the content is presented accordingly.

3. Viral Marketing: Redistribute Publications

At this point, one possibility of further utilization or further dissemination of your own specialist articles should not go unmentioned, even if dozens of advisors have already adequately addressed it: the Use of social networks and media. They offer the chance to draw attention to one's contribution and ultimately to one's own services. In the best case scenario, readers and potential customers can then spread this message.

On the web-based platform “Xing”, for example, the publication of a technical article can be pointed out several times: in the community functions provided for this purpose, such as closed user groups. A short summary of the core message of the specialist article with the corresponding link to the medium of the publication and the group participants are already informed. They click on the author's profile page, see what services they offer, and may find exactly what they're looking for. This also includes the use of the “status report” function, which means that your own direct contacts are immediately informed of the new post.

Without going into detail about the advantages of each individual opportunity to inform readers and potential customers of newly published specialist articles - it is worthwhile to think about posting specialist articles in social networks such as Twitter or Facebook, in general web blogs on specific topics, corporate blogs on your own website or mobile devices. Ultimately, it always depends on which strategy makes sense for the individual company, consultant or trainer and which one it or he expects to be of the greatest benefit. However, consciously ignoring these options does not make much sense in terms of a sustainable PR strategy.