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What worked at KISS almost 40 years ago should be repeatable - or not? A couple of youngsters in Delhi, Ohio, think about it and promptly start their band called Brides.

Androgynous looks have never hurt in music. Andrew Biersack is already behind the microphone, Johnny Herold on guitar, and Phil Cenedella on bass. Via MySpace they met guitarist Nate Shipp and drummer Chris Riesenberg, with whom they released the album "Sex & Hollywood" on their own. With the single "Knives And Pens" and the accompanying video, they achieved 26,000 hits on YouTube within a very short time.

From the original line-up, only singer Andrew remains, who now calls himself Andy Sixx and has moved to Hollywood. When in 2009 both guitarists were kicked out of the band again - namely David 'Pan' Burton and Chris 'Hollywood' Bluser - the two banded together and put a few songs on MySpace under the title House Of Glass, on which Pan sings.

The rest of the Brides go mobile immediately and announce that the songs were intended for their upcoming album, the lyrics were from Andy Sixx and Pan simply re-recorded them. Andy and Co. eventually change some of the titles, but publish the material in 2010 on "We Stitch These Wounds". In the meantime they have been renamed Black Veil Brides, which corresponds perfectly to the visual appearance.

Their record jumps to number one on the Billboard Independent chart and takes the brides on tour with The Birthday Massacre, Dommin and Aural Vampire. Shortly afterwards they go through the roof in the States, which Andy, the two guitarists Jake Pitts and Jinx, bass player Ashley Purdy and drummer Christian 'CC' Coma can largely attribute to their own DIY attitude.

Only after the release, a sub-label from Universal, Lava Records, takes hold and pushes the hype around the band vigorously. The British will soon get into it too. Europe is not long in coming. Shows at Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park for the second album "Set The World On Fire" do the rest. The title song of the record even makes it into the third part of the Hollywood franchise "Transformers". In the summer of 2012, the quintet toured as supporting act for Slash and Mötley Crüe.

After the two-part rock opera "Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones", published in 2013, for which the band even made a film, the fourth, self-titled album "Black Veil Brides" will be released in the autumn of the following year. "We wanted to make an album that felt like the truest form of our music. That definitely has the sound that we wanted to achieve since the beginning of the band", says Andy Biersack.

The reviews are mixed - but the band's success remains unbroken: The album enters the top 10 of the American Billboard charts. Meanwhile, front man Andy tries a solo career and also takes off as Andy Black. His debut album "The Shadow Side" will be released in 2016. Apart from music, he works as an actor. In 2017 he played the lead role alongside Malcolm McDowell, "Game Of Thrones" star John Bradley and Asking AlexandriasDanny Worsnop in the horror flick "American Satan". He also moderates the Alternative Press Music Awards in 2017.

For their fifth album "Vale", Black Veil Brides are continuing the story of the Wild Ones that began on "Wretched And Divine". Musically they are also based on the record, because sprawling orchestral parts come into play again. Shortly before the release in January 2018, they are starting a co-headlining tour with Asking Alexandria that will take them across North America and also to Europe for two shows. Only a few weeks later Andy published his biography "They Don't Need to Understand: Stories Of Hope, Fear, Family, Life And Never Giving In" - at the age of only 27. He should have seen enough.