How does pro wrestling work

How does WWE work?

1. Wrestling is a unique form of entertainment, not a legitimate competition. It's a show, yeah Unfortunately, many people get this wrong and think the protagonists do not have to do anything in the ring and the actions (keyword falls) would not hurt. It is a highly dangerous sport for those who practice it, years pass before a wrestler is allowed to enter the ring in front of an audience, by then 95% of those who have ever appeared for a training session have screened themselves out. Not everyone can become a pro wrestler, so it is completely irrelevant that wrestlers / organizers already know the result of the respective fights in advance. Because in wrestling it is often not the result that counts, but the way to get there.

2. How can you get famous ... of course wrestlers have to do something to do it. For me, what makes a good wrestler is when he can work a respectable match, regardless of the opponent, but you can also simply say: when you have a connection to the audience, either when you are happy to see this character at every show ... or 'you love to hate him'. In TV shows like Game of Thrones, characters grow, change, and so on, in wrestling it's the same. The only difference is: Wrestling doesn't take place on a film set, but in a ring in front of a live audience, that means you only have one take, everything has to be right from the start, and you interact directly with the fans, something that doesn't exist in any other Entertainment concept.

Here is a video for you that will explain a little more to you:

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