Crystals continue to grow

Growing crystals

Crystals are beautiful! They are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. And with a lot of time and patience you can watch your own crystals grow! Since this is a hot spot, you should ask a grown-up smartass to assist you.

You take:

  • two large glasses
  • boiling water
  • salt
  • Wool or pipe cleaner
  • pencil

First you fill boiling hot water into one of the two glasses. Then you put the salt in there: spoon by spoon, and always stir well so that the salt dissolves in the water! At some point the water can no longer absorb salt. It starts to settle down in the glass. They say the water is saturated. Time to pour it! For this you take the other glass and pour the salt water into it. But carefully! Do not also transfer the salt sediment. It should stay behind when pouring.

Now hang a woolen thread or pipe cleaner in the glass with the salt water. You can attach each to a pencil and place it over the glass so that the thread or the pipe cleaner hangs in the water. Then you put the whole thing in a quiet, sunny place, preferably a window sill. And now it's time to wait. Wait a long time. It takes a few months for beautiful, large crystals to grow. During this time you must not move the glass or its contents. Crystals need a lot of rest and time to grow.

Why do crystals form in salt water?

Warm water can hold more salt than cold water. It is therefore important that the water is boiling hot when you dissolve the salt in the water - then it absorbs a particularly large amount of salt. When the water cools down, the salt previously dissolved in the water is deposited in the form of crystals on the thread or on the pipe cleaner. If you let the salt water stand for a while, it will also evaporate. The more water evaporates over time, the larger and more numerous the crystals become. The whole thing also works with sugar or baking soda powder. Depending on which granules you dissolve in the hot water, different crystals arise.

Have fun and be patient while growing crystals!