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Deus ex machina

A little more than four years ago, the pirates made it into parliaments in Berlin and later in North Rhine-Westphalia, Saarland and Schleswig-Holstein. Your issues of the Internet, self-determination and freedom were suddenly important for all other parties as well. Suddenly the talk about blocking the network was over. One did not want to mess with a youth who had an alternative to the old parties. With their open and grassroots democratic structure, the pirates wanted to discuss, consider and then decide in the interests of the citizens without reservation. That ended abruptly when the intrigues of bizarre, left-wing radical and left-wing extremist circles put people in management positions who wanted to earn money with books, had their ADHD disease under control, made topics such as UBI and space elevators big, demanded bombs on Dresden and network censorship, and so on in this way thoroughly ruined the party and its reputation - and today have found a place in the SPD, the Greens and, above all, the left. The former pirate in the Berlin House of Representatives, Christopher Lauer, made his new SPD party happy with a network campaign against a single AfD voter.

With the poor performance of the pirates in the elections, net politics lost its importance. After having just suffered a legal defeat, the CDU and SPD made a new attempt at data retention. Heiko Maas, whose ministry cannot name a single criminal fake news, ran a campaign against alleged hate speech together with the ex-Stasi IM Anetta Kahane and her foundation. The current SPD chairman and candidate for chancellor Schulz, in cooperation with the ZEIT Foundation and attached fig leaf experts, had a digital charter developed in a back room muddle that could become another attack on freedom of expression. TTIP and the intended regulations on copyright are only dead because the project fails because of Donald Trump. The NSA and BND apparently continue to spy hand in hand despite the Snowden revelations. If it becomes known that “smart” TV sets of the “Internet of Things” are being researched in the meantime, this is irrelevant in terms of politics.

Because the pirates are no longer a danger for reasons of electoral arithmetic, and the SPD, the Left and the Greens may have to grapple with the fun parties FDP and The Party. Cross-party initiatives and bogus NGOs are promoted that campaign against what the parties consider “hate speech” on the Internet. Nevertheless, the success of campaigns such as “” and the Kahane Foundation are manageable. The pirates may not have a chance, but their target group is still there and makes nasty jokes about the recommendation of censorship and surveillance thinker Heiko Maas on Book Day:

The climate on the Internet is frosty at a time when the Bundeswehr is commissioning a cyber march, although it is extremely difficult for the authorities to find hackers for the uncharted territory. The unappealing but expensive accounts of political reassurance with their advertising for their own state financiers have fewer followers than their own satirical accounts. How difficult the times are for the green alternatives on the Internet in view of the criticism of the ban party can be seen in the party's helpless attempt to offer its opponents as representatives:

“Kisses to all haters - your left-green do-gooders!” - the Greens imply with their copy of a Bundeswehr campaign that “being against them” has something to do with “being a hater”, or that they would be insulted for it. There are enough top representatives among the Greens who call for stricter rules against freedom of expression on the Internet. At the same time, the Greens provide arguments on the Internet that make the party seem untrustworthy. For example, when party leader Simone Peter complains about the plastic waste in the world's oceans and only a few days before published a picture of her plastic bottle with French mineral water. Political positions of the Greens are clearly directed against other people's ideas about life, from traditional spouses who like the splitting of taxes to commuters who do not believe that sustainable driving with the electric car can be guaranteed together with the necessary infrastructure by 2030 . According to recent surveys, 94% of those questioned do not vote for the Greens - there may be reasons for this other than the trolls that the Greens use across the board to create their victim role on the Internet.

The Greens allow direct participation in the party with a fashionable hackathon. Recently, the SPD showed with a tasteless game how it is better not to do it. The Greens want help with a creative election campaign, but are immediately pointing the way: In 25 hours, tools for grassroots movements and a better presentation of the party in social media channels are to be developed. Another point is the establishment of a 2000 man and woman strong, digital party intervention force, which is supposed to "put out fires" in political debates through massive appearances:

The net is no longer the friend or a platform for dialogue with the citizen, but only the place for persuasion tools. If that doesn't work, the Greens, by their own admission, have 2,000 freelance workers ready to join where those who think differently express their opinion: controlled by a covert party channel, and morally legitimized by assuming fake news and hatred. You can continue to be against the Greens, but you have to expect that apparently private individuals will attack you on behalf of the Greens and act as informers via the reporting function on social networks. The Greens have arrived on the Internet where the other parties were in the 1970s: they are working on propaganda and repression, but not on communication and participation.

It used to be different: in particular, the American Democrats in Barack Obama's election victories apparently showed how to use the Internet to motivate the masses and to communicate with interested parties. As a result, politicians and their staff created accounts in which they now publish across party lines according to the same scheme: “This and that is to be rejected. We will do it very differently! " The limits of the promise of promulgation became evident when Hillary Clinton was defeated: Clinton never says the wrong word and has had almost all the media behind him, while Trump has barely left out an embarrassment, and thus with many honest, edgy, human and as the opposite of the smooth Establishment political style worked. All that Trump visibly had behind him were media like Breitbart and characters like Steve Bannon. And just as the German parties copied Obama, they are now, like the Democrats, afraid of the parts of the network that brought Trump into office. This also leads the left-wing camp in Germany to react like the establishment and to view the Internet as more hostile.

On the other hand, other instruments of personal address should now be aimed at: door-to-door visits and town hall meetings are considered effective means of escaping the anonymity of online communication and its unvarnished expression. There, in direct communication with a friendly smile, there seems to be less danger of not only being rejected by the addressees, but also being shown publicly. When visiting the front door, the door can only be closed to subalterns, but no party celebrities are exposed to ridicule or covered with cynical questions in front of a large audience. Politicians and even ministries have been responding to critical inquiries for a long time by blocking users, sometimes also using less adult emojis:

That doesn't have to be a disadvantage. Despite extensive research, the author has not been able to find independent voices in uncharted territory who would like a greater participation of the parties on the Internet. The new approach with one-way communication and the fight against other opinions suggests that the parties have now also felt disenchantment with politicians on the Internet and are looking for fields of activity in which the rejection is not so obvious.

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