Which bird laid these eggs?

How often do tits lay their eggs?

In fact, they don't lay more than one egg a day, and depending on how much that is supposed to be, it takes a week, sometimes twelve days. With such a blue tit that could be twelve eggs. But they don't breed right now. Only when the clutch is complete do they start to breed. Then they all hatch at the same time and all grow up at the same time and also fly out at the same time.

Only the owls do it differently. They hatch from the first egg and then have a series of "organ pipes", that is, boys of different sizes. The largest are already quite big, the smallest are still very small, and then they are not ready to fly. Well, the situation is a little different there. Incidentally, this leads to the fact that sometimes the smallest, when the food situation is poor, also starve to death or are eaten up by the others. But that's a special topic, that's different, and the normal birds really breed after the last egg is laid.

The first egg will last that long even though they have not been incubated? We once saw a mother hen that began to sort out an egg that was apparently not fertilized. She always pushed it out and there wasn't a chick in it.

Yes, the eggs last that long. They are not incubated either, even if the bird sits on them - this is known from some bird species - it does not open the belly plumage, but keeps it closed so that the eggs stay cool. Then they don't develop at all, but remain in a state of rest, and they can withstand it.

How long does it take for tits from hatching to hatching?

A dozen or so days, so that's not that much. All birds breed fairly quickly, birds develop quickly, and that's for sure. The longer they sit on it, the more the danger builds up. Therefore, the faster the development goes, the better.