Canada is a nanny state

British Duchess Meghan has traveled back to Canada

London - The British Duchess Meghan (38) has traveled to Canada again. This was confirmed by a spokeswoman for Buckingham Palace on Friday. In Canada, Prince Harry's (35) and Meghan's eight-month-old son Archie stayed with a nanny after the six-week family vacation. When the Duchess and her child would return to Great Britain initially remained unclear.

Harry should not have an official appointment in the UK until next Thursday. Until then, he may be discussing his plans with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (93), and his father, heir to the throne, Prince Charles (71).

"Injured and Disappointed"

The Queen was "hurt and disappointed" with the way the couple published their intentions, it said. Harry is said to be the Queen's favorite grandson. Most of the royals had not previously been informed of the family's plans.

Harry and Meghan had surprisingly announced on Instagram on Wednesday evening that they would largely give up their royal duties. It must now be clarified, among other things, which financial benefits and security measures the couple will be entitled to in the future. The two would like to live in both the UK and Canada.

Future place of residence still unknown

It is not yet known where the royals intend to settle in the Commonwealth of Canada. Meghan lived in Toronto for several years and worked there as an actress ("Suits"). While on vacation, the two were seen hiking on Vancouver Island off the Canadian Pacific coast.

The main members of the royal family want to find a solution for the future status of Harry and Meghan within a few days. The Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William (37) want to work "on workable solutions".

"Unlimited possibilities"

Harry and Meghan also want to become financially independent from the royal family. In North America, where the couple want their second home, that will be easy. "There is no door that is not open to Harry and Meghan," says US PR expert Ronn Torossian.

"Their attraction is the same as that of the Obamas," said Torossian. Regardless of whether it is speaking appearances, books, television contracts or marketing - the possibilities for making money are unlimited.

Seven-digit fees possible

"Harry and Meghan would be in great demand," says Sharron Elkabas, head of the MN2S agency, which arranges celebrities for events. The couple can charge seven-figure fees for a single speech. Elkabas sees Harry and Meghan as "pioneers" who stand for a new era in the royal family.

Observers believe the two will limit themselves to charitable and community service. Last month, the Daily Telegraph reported that Meghan was planning a charity in the United States. You and Harry could do something similar to ex-US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, says Elkabas. "They only give speeches at events that are about improving people's lives."

"Every publisher in the world wants their book"

PR man Torossian estimates that Meghan and Harry as a photogenic and world-famous couple can earn eight or nine-figure sums a year. "Every publisher in the world wants their book," he says. There is also speculation about a television contract with US talk show queen Oprah Winfrey. Harry is already working with Winfrey on a mental health documentary for Apple's new streaming service.

People in the United States have long had a passion for the British royal family, which may have something to do with Wallis Simpson - the divorced American for whom King Edward VIII renounced the throne in 1936. The marriage of Los Angeles-born Meghan Markle to the prince in May 2018 further increased interest in the royals. (APA, 10.1.2020)