Where can I recycle hangers?

Clothes hanger recycling

The FRG is getting out of nuclear power and has the world's best developed waste processing plants. Nevertheless, we are world champions when it comes to sorting garbage. Nowadays there are hardly any products that cannot be recycled. Recycling has made a major contribution to nature conservation for decades. In the meantime, even metal clothes hangers are being reused, in all shapes, colors and materials. In view of this resource-saving processing, retailers make a significant contribution to environmental protection and the preservation of nature.

Used plastic hangers in particular can be easily recycled. That polymer is then separated from the hook and processed. The metal is melted down again, as is the plastic. This can be found after recycling as packaging material, as a pen or Tupperware box. However, the popular wooden hangers can also be processed further. This is particularly noteworthy, as it not only protects nature, but also conserves natural resources.

Specialized recycling companies now also process old, broken or unsightly clothes hangers into brand-new hangers, so that the hanger cycle is maintained. Old becomes like new. At this point there is an enormous economic and environmental field. So z. In the USA alone, for example, around eight billion plastic and metal hangers are produced each year, whereas only 15 percent is recycled each year.

More and more retailers and wholesalers are starting to recycle hangers. For us this has probably meant Neufeld so far. But last but not least, they can participate in the clothes hanger cycle by handing in the used clothes hangers to recycling companies or by making them available to laundries, which can either continue to use them or be processed into brand-new hangers.