How do I calculate i i

Calculate Hartz 4 correctly - with explanations and examples

The calculation of unemployment benefit II is not "rocket science":

  • First is the Total requirement to determine.
  • income affects - as far as it has to be taken into account - performance-reducing on unemployment benefits.
  • Does the applicant have too high a capital, he may have to use this before benefits for Hartz 4 are granted.

1. Determination of the total requirement

How is the total requirement calculated?
What is meant by total requirement?

The total requirement for calculating the Hartz IV benefits essentially results from the sum of the The standard need to secure a livelihood
According to Section 20 (1) SGB II, the standard requirement includes nutrition, clothing, ... the standard requirement is currently 424.00 euros ...
(Link: to the article here on the website) Standard requirements (or the standard requirements), the Hartz 4 (SGB II) - overview
3. Accommodation costs
SGB ​​II does not define the term accommodation. The cost of the appropriate apartment should be reimbursed. Section 22 of the Second Book of the Social Code (SGB II) summarizes the benefits relating to accommodation. ...

(Link: to overview page 3. Costs of accommodation) Costs of accommodation and any existing ones Hartz 4 (SGB II) - overview
4. Additional requirements
The additional needs are regulated in Sections 21 and 23 SGB II. An additional requirement is available to the Hartz IV recipient in addition to the standard requirement for securing livelihoods and the costs for the apartment. ...

(Link: to overview page 5. Additional requirements) Additional requirements. The total requirement describes the amount of claims a benefit recipient is entitled to against the job center without deducting income and assets:

* Until 2011, a standard rate in accordance with the standard rate ordinance applied.

Example 1 for calculating Hartz IV benefits:

A 27-year-old single mother with a two-year-old child has a 65 square meter apartment and has to pay a monthly rent of € 400.00.

Hot water is not supplied centrally. She has to generate hot water herself with a flow heater.

How high are the benefits from January 1, 2021?

2. Deduction of the creditable income

To what extent is income taken into account when determining benefits?
What is income within the meaning of SGB II?

Of the total requirement determined above, this is used to determine the Hartz 4 services to be sufficient by the job center Hartz 4 (SGB II) - overview
5. Income and wealth
a) Income
All "income in money or monetary value" are to be understood as income in the sense of livelihood security. ...

Link: Overview page Hartz 4 (SGB II) - 5. Deductible income.

The creditable income includes, in particular, income from self-employed and non-self-employed work less the expenses or tax exemptions. But the child benefit as well as the parental benefit and maintenance benefits are taken into account when calculating the Hartz 4 benefits.

Exceptionally, for example, B .:

- care allowance,
- home ownership allowance,
- Child benefit only if it can be proven that it is passed on
- Income from vacation jobs for students
- Travel costs for training grants
- Meals not provided as part of income
- Gifts of money to minors
- Personal injury compensation

Example 2 for calculating Hartz IV benefits:

The 27-year-old single mother named above in example 1 receives child benefit of € 219.00 per month (as of 2021). She has a € 450 job (and does not voluntarily pay any pension insurance contributions). In addition, she will receive an advance maintenance payment of € 159.00 per month for the child from 2021:

3. Assets to be used

How much should assets be used before benefits under SGB II can be drawn?
Which assets should be taken into account?
Which assets are protected?

Basically, for the Hartz 4 (SGB II) - overview
5. Income and wealth
b) assets
Wealth is money and goods of monetary value. However, the concept of wealth is not defined in more detail in the laws….

(Link: overview page Hartz IV to 5 b) Crediting of assets to take into account all realizable assets. Allowances are in § 12 Assets to be taken into account

(1) All realizable assets are to be considered as assets….

(Link: to the legal text here on the Internet site) named § 12 SGB II.

As an exception, certain pension amounts are protected, Section 12 (2) Nos. 2 and 3 SGB II. Household items, a suitable vehicle and other assets named in Section 12 (3) SGB II are also protected.

Assets not to be taken into account:

Example 3 for calculating Hartz IV benefits:

The 27-year-old single mother mentioned above has a savings account for € 4,500.00. She drives a car with a market value of € 5,000.00.

Your child has a savings account for € 3,200.00.

As a result, the mother does not have to fear being referred to the use of her assets.

Please note that the above article can only provide an initial sketch of the various problems involved in calculating the benefits for the Hartz 4. You can find more detailed articles on the local website. You can contribute to the questions that interest you, for example. B. about the Hartz 4 (SGB II) - overview

The Social Security Code II (SGB II - basic security for jobseekers) essentially regulates the benefits for securing the livelihood, benefits for the cost of accommodation, benefits for additional needs and benefits for integration into work ...

(Link: to the Hartz IV overview) Find the Hartz IV overview page as well as the index.

4. Services in the community of need and in the household community

When calculating the benefits, a distinction must be made between the benefit community and the household community:

a) Community of needs

How are the entitlements of a benefit community calculated?

If there is a benefit community, the income and assets of the respective partner must also be taken into account when assessing the need for help of the individual members of the benefit community. § 9 Need for help

(2) In the case of people who live in a community of needs, the partner's income and assets must also be taken into account. ...

(Link: to the legal text here on the website) § 9 Paragraph 2 Sentence 1 SGB II.

If the total needs of the benefit community are not covered, every person in the benefit community is deemed to be in need of help in relation to their own needs to the total needs, Section 9 Paragraph 2 Sentence 3 SGB II 2 p. 1 and p. 2 SGB II must be taken into account.

The benefit community consists of married partners or partners according to the Partnership Act. Children under the age of 25 also belong to the community of needs. However, this does not apply to the detriment of those up to 25 years old.

b) Household community

Which rules apply when calculating the entitlements of a household community?

The crediting of the income in the household community results from § 1 Income not to be considered as income

(1) …
(2) In the case of the assumption on which Section 9 (5) of the Second Book of the Social Security Code is based that relatives and by-laws ...

(Link: to the legal text here on the website) § 1 Paragraph 2 ALG II-V.

First of all, the income has to be adjusted, cf. § 1 Income not to be considered as income

(1) …
(2) ... the income adjusted for the deductible amounts according to Section 11b of the second book of the Social Security Code are generally not to be considered as income, ...

(Link: to the legal text here on the website) Section 1, Paragraph 2, Sentence 1, ALG II-V. There is an allowance of 2 standard requirements (= € 892.00 = 2 x € 446.00 - as of: 2021) plus the proportional costs for rent and heating. Any additional income is to be used in half.

Example 4 for calculating Hartz IV benefits in the household community:

Beneficiary M lives with her 32-year-old daughter T.

The daughter has a net income of € 1,500.00.

The reasonable housing costs total € 460.00.