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After the scandal over Gänswein: power struggles denied

The Vatican State Secretary, Pietro Parolin, denied power struggles in the Vatican yesterday. This was preceded by a report in the German newspaper “Tagespost”, according to which Pope Francis gave the Archbishop and Prefect of the Papal House, Georg Gänswein, a leave of absence. The church is not a place where different power groups fight, said Parolin, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

"My invitation is to look at what the church is doing, good and positive, despite all the difficulties that exist in every human relationship," said Parolin. He denied that there were disputes between factions that were loyal to Pope Francis and others that were loyal to the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. be close. "There is a single Pope, that is obvious," said Parolin.

Celibacy book as a trigger

As the "Tagespost" reported, citing Vatican circles, Gänswein, who was also the private secretary of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. is exempted "for an indefinite period". The background to the dispute over the co-authorship of Benedict XVI. be on a controversial book on celibacy.

According to the Vatican, Gänswein was not suspended from his position as prefect of the papal house. But there has been a "usual redistribution of various duties and functions of the prefect of the papal house," said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni yesterday. The Vatican did not announce which new tasks are involved.