What are some cool jeep wrangler mods

I offer you a converted Jeep Wrangler for download.
The Urmod comes from mailman http://www.modswanted.com/index.php?site=down_jeep

Thank you again for the permission to re-upload it here.

I changed the following:

- Textures changed color to black and license plates

- Added tire dust

- Engine tuning

- Extended trailer coupling for both trailer types at the front and rear

- 4 wheel sets interchangeable

- Bull catcher that can be switched on / off and a few accessories

(Shovel, broom, tool box and petrol can)

- Made washable (it gets nice and dirty)
- the model is enlarged

- Manual ignition
- handbrake

Changelog 2.1 version- Fixed rear indicators - All-wheel drive installed - Dirt textures revised - Dirt interval increased to 35 real-time minutes - Interior dirt texture made a little more subtle - Fuel consumption adjusted - Front trailer coupling enlarged - On / off fade-out front hydraulics installed ATTENTION! Version 2.1 is available in 2 variants

2.1a is with manual ignition
2.1b does not have manual ignition because some problems arise

I also expressly point out that the built-in scripts do not come from me.