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What is a Chromebook and who is it for?

Are you looking for a laptop to work with that is fast, slim, secure, easy to use and also inexpensive? Then a so-called Chromebook be just right for you. It is not for nothing that Chromebooks are displacing laptops and Macbooks, especially in schools and universities. In the year 2018 was almost 60 percent of all equipment purchased for school and university students in America Chrome OS fitted. But what is a Chromebook? How does it differ from a normal laptop and is such a device also suitable for you? We answer all of that here in the article.

The software

A Chromebook is a type of laptop that is based on Chrome OS, one developed by Google operating system is working. Most of the programs or apps run in the Chrome browser, which is why the device is usually used with an existing internet connection.

The Chrome OS operating system is characterized by its Slimness and easy handling out. The system is also running very stable and offers high security against viruses.

With Chrome OS it can be mainly based on Google services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail & Co. work. The documents do not end up on the laptop's integrated hard drive, but mostly in the Cloud (Google Drive).

This has several advantages: Google Drive offers an extremely high storage capacity and all files are also accessible at any time from other devices such as cell phones, tablets or computers. Furthermore, the files are not on the Chromebook's hard drive, which is why they do not have a negative effect on the speed.

However, this is not entirely true because Chromebooks also have an integrated hard drive. It also allows you to work offline with Google services. The files are automatically synchronized online when the hard drive is accessed again and are therefore always up-to-date work online and offline with the Chromebook.

Overview of the manufacturers of Chromebooks:
  • Acer
  • HP
  • Google
  • ASUS
  • Dell
  • Samsung
  • Lenovo

In addition to the usual Google applications, all Apps from the Google Play Store (also Android apps) on the Chromebook. Due to the large number of apps, the selection of programs is huge. However, other programs outside the app store, such as the classic Microsoft applications, cannot be installed.

The hardware

In addition to the software, the hardware naturally also plays a major role. Here you get everything that a conventional laptop offers. From an integrated webcam, touch screen to HDMI and other connections, there are no limits.

However, the performance itself is usually a bit slimmed down compared to the classic laptop. As Chromebooks tend to be designed for work and the applications required for this are less demanding, you will look in vain for large graphics cards and powerful processors. That doesn't mean a Chromebook is less productive or slow.

Because of the less computationally intensive programs and the lean operating system the Chromebook works at lightning speed. It starts up extremely quickly and is ready for use immediately.
Due to the scaled-down hardware, Chromebooks are also characterized by their low weight and very long battery life. so you are ideal for work on the go.

There are now devices such as Google's Pixelbook that come with high-end hardware.

Who is a Chromebook for?

Chromebooks are particularly suitable in Learning or working environment. Computing-intensive programs such as image processing with Photoshop, video editing or high-end games are not possible with the cheap Chromebooks. The programs and the computing power are missing here. However, the apps available in the Google Play Store can also solve some of these tasks, mostly in a slimmed down form.

The devices are therefore worthwhile for people who can do their daily work with the usual Google services. This means editing e-mails, writing texts, creating tables, researching, participating in video conferences, etc. The services are seamlessly integrated into the Chrome OS and for easy to use designed. Extensive IT knowledge is not necessary when using a Chromebook.

Due to the low weight and the comparatively long battery life the Chromebook is suitable for people who work a lot on the go. It boots up within a few seconds and is immediately ready for use.

Another thing that speaks for a Chromebook is the price. Because of the hardware, the devices are for one Available at a fraction of the price of a regular laptopwithout having to compromise on quality. So you should Laptop to work then you should definitely consider a Chromebook.

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