Can you see your girlfriend during Ramadan

No eating, drinking, swearing - 5 women tell how they experience Ramadan

According to her mother, she tried her hand at Ramadan for the first time when she was eight or nine, according to Anja Saleh, but she can no longer remember exactly. Back then, the month of fasting fell on winter, which made it easier because the number of hours of sunshine and thus the length of time in which one has to cope without water and food was easier to bridge.
Islamic Lent is drawing to a close. Ramadan falls differently every year. The reason for this is that, according to Islamic calculations, it is the ninth month of a year, which has eleven days less than the Gregorian calendar year. This year, from May 26th to June 24th, Muslims around the world are fasting. According to official projections, between 4.4 and 4.7 million people of Muslim faith live in Germany, including the majority of Turkish people and people from the Near and Middle East - not an insignificant number.
We asked young Muslim women what constitutes Ramadan for them and how they organize their everyday life during this time. Since the month of fasting is often a time when people come together, we wanted to know what it is like to be away from the family for the first time and to be on your own. How difficult or easy it is to find your way around people who are not fasting, for example in the new university town. We wanted to know if after years of practicing there is still something that is difficult for them and how to deal with it, prepare, concentrate - and why it is all worth it over and over again.